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2015-2016 NBA/NCAAB Record


Overall Results as of 06/16/15: 243-205-19 +1080 Units.
06-16-20155pt NBA Teaser: Cleveland +9.5/Over 189.5 Won+25units
06-11-20155pt NBA Teaser: Golden St. -3/Over 190 vs. ClevelandWon+25units
06-11-2015Golden St. -2 vs. ClevelandWon+25units
06-09-2015Golden St. +2 vs. ClevelandLoss-25units
06-07-20155pt NBA Teaser: Golden State -3/Under 206 Loss-25units
06-04-2015Golden St. -4.5 -120 vs. ClevelandWon+25units
05-27-2015Houston +10 vs. Golden St. Loss-25units
05-26-20155pt Teaser: Cleveland -2.5/Over 189 Won+25units
05-25-20155pt Teaser: Houston +10/Over 208.5Won+25units
05-24-2015Cleveland -8 vs. AtlantaLoss-25units
05-23-20155pt Teaser: Houston +5/Over 210 vs. Golden St. Loss-25units
05-22-2015Cleveland +2 vs. Atlanta Won+25nits
05-21-2015Golden State -10 vs. HoustonLoss-25units
05-20-2015Cleveland -115 vs. AtlantaWon+25units
05-19-2015Houston +11 -120 vs. Golden St. Won+25units
05-17-2015Under 221 LA Clippers vs. Houston Won+25units
05-15-2015Golden -4.5 vs. Memphis
05-14-20155pt teaser: Houston +13.5//Under 226
05-13-2015Washington +8 vs. Atlanta
05-13-2015Memphis +10 -120 vs. Golden St. 10:35pmLoss-25units
05-12-2015Cleveland -5 vs. ChicagoPush+0units
05-11-2015Atlanta vs. Washington Under 198 Loss-25units
05-11-2015Golden State -4 vs. MemphisWon+25units
05-10-2015Cleveland -2 vs. ChicagoPush+0units
05-10-2015Houston +8 vs. LA ClippersLoss-25units
05-08-2015LA Clippers -4 vs. HoustonWon+25units
05-08-2015Chicago -1.5 vs. ClevelandWon+25units
05-06-2015LA Clippers +4 1H vs. Houston
05-06-2015Cleveland -4.5 -120 vs. Chicago
05-05-2015Washington vs. Atlanta Under 199.5
05-05-2015Atlanta -6 vs. Washington
05-04-2015Cleveland -4 vs. Chicago
05-04-2015LA Clippers vs. Houston Over 213
05-03-2015Under 199.5 Washington vs. Atlanta
05-03-20155pt Teaser: Memphis +15/Over 192.5 Loss-25units
05-02-2015San Antonio +3 -120 vs. LA Clippers
05-02-2015LA Clippers -1 -115 1st Quarter Loss-25units
05-01-2015Under 199 Atlanta vs. Brooklyn Won+25units
04-30-2015Chicago -4 vs. MilwaukeeWon+25units
04-30-2015Over 187 Chicago vs. MilwaukeeLoss-25units
04-29-2015Over 190 Memphis vs. Portland Won+25units
04-29-2015Memphis -5 vs. PortlandWon+25units
04-28-2015San Antonio +2 vs. LA ClippersWon+25units
04-28-2015Under 221 Dallas vs. Houston Won+25units
04-27-2015Memphis +3.5 vs. PortlandLoss-25units
04-27-2015Milwaukee +9 -120 vs. ChicagoWon+25units
04-26-2015Over 200 LA Clippers vs. San AntonioWon+25units
04-26-2015Houston -2.5 vs DallasLoss-25units
04-25-2015Portland -3 vs. MemphisLoss-25units
04-25-2015Over 205 Golden St. vs. New OrleansWon+25units
04-24-2015Over 203 LA Clippers vs. San AntonioLoss -25units
04-24-2015Over 194 Toronto vs. WashingtonWon+25units
04-23-2015Golden St. -5 vs. New OrleansLoss-25units
04-23-2015Chicago -3 vs. MilwaukeeWon+25units
04-22-2015Over 189 Portland vs. Memphis Loss-25units
04-22-2015Over 189 Portland vs. Memphis Loss-25units
04-22-2015San Antonio +2 vs. LA ClippersWon+25units
04-21-20155Pt Teaser: Dallas +11.5/Cleveland -6.5Loss-25units
04-21-2015Toronto -4.5 vs. Washington Loss-25units
04-20-2015Milwaukee +9 -130 vs. ChicagoPush+0units
04-19-20155pt Teaser: Cleveland -7/Over 199Won+25units
04-19-20155pt Teaser: Atlanta -5/Over 199.5Loss-25units
04-18-2015Over 212 Dallas vs. HoustonWon+25units
04-18-2015Toronto -4 vs. WashingtonLoss-25units
04-15-2015OKC vs. Minnesota Over 214Won+25units
04-14-2015Toronto -1.5 vs. BostonLoss-25units
04-14-2015Indiana 1H -4 vs. WashingtonLoss-25units
04-13-2015Houston -11 vs. CharlotteLoss+25units
04-13-2015Milwaukee -2 vs. PhillyWon+25units
04-12-2015Phoenix +15.5 vs. San AntonioLoss-25units
04-12-2015Under 207 OKC vs. IndianaLoss-25units
04-11-2015Under 214 Minnesota vs. Golden StateWon+25units
04-11-2015LA Clippers -7.5 vs. MemphisWon+25units
04-11-2015Under 196 Philly vs. Chicago Loss-25units
04-10-2015Brooklyn -4.5 vs. Washington Won+25units
04-10-2015Charlotte +10 vs. AtlantaLoss-25units
04-09-2015Miami -1 vs. ChicagoLoss-25units
04-09-2015Over 208.5 Portland vs. Golden State Won+25units
04-08-2015Boston -1.5 vs. Detroit Won+25units
04-08-2015Over 204 Houston vs. San Antonio Won+25units
04-08-2015Washington -5 vs. PhillyWon+25units
04-07-2015Over 203.5 Golden St. vs. New OrleansLoss+25units
04-07-2015Phoenix +7.5 vs .Atlanta Loss+25units
04-06-2015 Under 140.5 Wisconsin vs. DukeWon+25units
04-05-2015Chicago +5.5 1H vs. ClevelandLoss-25units
04-05-2015Over 190 Miami vs. Indiana Won+25units
04-04-2015Over 137.5 MIchigan St. vs. Duke Won+25units
04-04-2015Washington +4.5 1H vs. Memphis Won+25units
04-04-2015Under 208 Boston vs. Toronto Loss-25units
04-04-2015Under 132.5 Wisconsin vs. Kentucky Loss-25units
04-03-2015Under 205 Orlando vs. Minnesota Won+25units
04-03-2015Indiana -4.5 vs. CharlotteWon+25units
04-03-2015New Orleans -6 vs. Sacramento Push+0units
04-02-2015Miami +2.5 vs. Stanford Won+25units
04-02-2015Under 143 N. Arizona vs. EvansvilleWon+25units
04-02-2015Miami +10.5 vs. Cleveland Loss-25units
04-02-2015Phoenix +13 vs. Golden St.Won+25units
04-01-2015Milwaukee +6 vs. ChicagoWon+25units
04-01-2015Indiana vs. Boston Under 201Won+25units
04-01-2015UL-Monroe -2 vs. Loyola ChicagoLoss-25units
04-01-2015Charlotte -2 1H vs. DetroitWon+25units
03-31-2015Temple -2 vs. MiamiLoss-25units
03-31-2015New Jersey Tech vs. N. Arizona Under 144Loss-25units
03-31-2015Evansville +6 vs. Tenn MartinWon+25units
03-31-2015Stanford vs. Old Dominion Under 135Won+25units
03-30-2015Charlotte -3.5 vs. BostonLoss-25units
03-30-2015Over 192 LA Lakers vs. PhillyWon+25units
03-30-2015UL-Monroe +6 vs. Loyola ChicagoLoss-25units
03-29-2015Dallas +2 vs. IndianaLoss-25units
03-29-2015Over 193 Detroit vs. IndianaWon+25units
03-29-2015Louisville +2 vs. Michigan St. Loss-25units
03-27-2015Arizona -2 vs. Kent St. Loss-25units
03-27-2015Michigan St. -2 vs. Oklahoma Won+25units
03-27-2015UCLA +9 vs. GonzagaLoss-25units
03-27-2015NC St. +2.5 vs. LouisvilleLoss-25units
03-26-2015Arizona -11 vs. XavierLoss-25units
03-26-2015Notre Dame +2 vs. Wichita St. Won+25units
03-26-2015UL-Lafayette -3 vs. EvansvilleLoss-25units
03-26-2015UNC +7 vs. WisconsinPush+0units
03-25-2015Cleveland -2 vs. Memphis Won+25units
03-25-2015Miami +5 vs. Boston Won+25units
03-25-2015Under 198 Brooklyn vs. Charlotte Won+25units
03-25-2015Murray St. PK vs. Old Dominion Loss-25units
03-24-2015Miami -1.5 vs. MilwaukeeLoss-25units
03-24-2015Over 201 Toronto vs. DetroitWon+25units
03-24-2015Stanford -3.5 vs. VanderbiltLoss-25units
03-23-2015Under 147 Evansville vs. E. Illinois Loss-25units
03-23-2015Under 136 Kent St. vs. Texas A&M Corpus Won+25units
03-23-2015Under 129 Illinois St. vs. Old Dominion Won+25units
03-23-2015Loyola Chicago -6 vs. Oral Roberts Won+25units
03-22-2015Over 136 Arizona St. vs. RichmondWon+25units
03-22-2015Stanford -5 vs. Rhode Island Won+25units
03-22-2015Iowa +6 vs. GonzagaLoss-25units
03-22-2015Oklahoma -4 vs. DaytonWon+25units
03-21-2015Utah -4 vs. GeorgetownWon+25units
03-21-2015Notre Dame -4 vs. ButlerLoss-25units
03-21-2015Ohio St. +9.5 vs. ArizonaLoss-25units
03-21-2015NC State vs. VillanovaWon+25units
03-20-2015Under 124 Virginia vs. BelmontLoss-25units
03-20-2015Oregon -1 vs. Oklahoma St. Won+25units
03-20-2015Robert Morris +23 vs. DukeLoss-25units
03-19-2015Miss +2 vs. XavierLoss-25units
03-19-2015Under 138 Ohio St. vs. VCU Loss-25units
03-19-2015Over 144 Lafayette vs. Villanova Won+25units
03-19-2015Purdue +2 vs. CinciWon+25units
03-18-2015Fla Gulf Coast vs. Texas A&MLoss-25units
03-18-2015Vanderbilt +2.5 vs. St. Mary's Won+25units
03-18-2015Midd Tenn St. -4.5 vs, Kent St. Loss-25units
03-18-2015Dayton -4 vs. Boise St. Loss-25units
03-17-2015N. Carolina Central vs. Miami Over 128Won+25units
03-17-2015Central Michigan +6.5 vs. Louisiana TechLoss-25units
03-17-2015LA Clippers -10 vs. CharlotteLoss-25units
03-17-2015George Washington vs. Pitt Under 135Won+25units
03-16-2015Atlanta -5 vs. SacramentoWon+25units
03-16-2015Portland vs. Washington Over 199Won+25units
03-16-2015Dallas -5 vs. Oklahoma CityLoss-25units
03-16-2015Over 203 Cleveland vs. Miami Loss-25units
03-15-2015Atlanta -9 vs. LA LakersLoss-25units
03-15-2015Over 201 Cleveland vs. Orlando Won+25units
03-15-2015SMU -3 vs. UConnWon+25units
03-14-2015Georgia +2 vs. ArkansasLoss-25units
03-14-2015Central Michigan +3 vs. Buffalo Loss-25units
03-14-2015UNC -3 vs. Notre DameLoss-25units
03-13-2015Virginia -4 vs. UNCLoss-25units
03-13-2015Kansas -1 vs. BaylorWon+25units
03-13-2015Orlando vs. Boston Over 193.5Loss-25units
03-13-2015Cinci -1.5 vs. UConnLoss-25units
03-12-2015Oregon -3.5 vs. ColoradoWon+25units
03-12-2015Over 137 Northwestern vs. Indiana Loss-25units
03-12-2015Akron -2 vs. Kent St.Push+0units
03-11-2015Colorado -3 vs. Oregon St. Won+25units
03-11-2015Miami -10 vs. VaTechPush+0units
03-11-2015Memphis -4.5 vs. BostonLoss-25units
03-10-2015New Orleans vs. Brooklyn Over 192Won+25units
03-10-2015S. Dakota St. -4 vs. NDSULoss-25units
03-10-2015Under 121 No. Carolina AT&T vs. S. Carolina St.Won+25units
03-09-2015 W. Michigan -9 vs. OhioLoss-25units
03-09-2015NDSU -3 vs. Oral RobersWon+25units
03-09-2015Over 122 Ball St. vs. Bowling GreenWon+25units
03-08-2015Over 122 Maryland vs. Nebraska Won+25units
03-08-2015Under 214 LA Clippers vs. Golden St. Won+25units
03-08-2015Ohio St. +3 vs. WisconsinLoss-25units
03-08-2015Under 192 Chicago vs. San AntonioLoss-25units
03-07-2015Rutgers vs. Michigan Over 122Won+25units
03-07-2015Houston -5 vs. DenverWon+25units
03-07-2015Tennessee -5 vs. S. Carolina Loss-25units
03-07-2015St. Joe's +9.5 vs. Rhode IslandLoss-25units
03-06-2015Houston -7 vs. DetroitWon+25units
03-06-2015Harvard -5 vs. YaleLoss-25units
03-06-2015Dallas +10 vs. Golden St.Loss-25units
03-05-2015Bucknell -6 vs. Holy CrossWon+25units
03-05-2015Arkansas -1.5 vs. S. CarolinaWon+25units
03-05-2015Davidson -2.5 vs. VCUWon+25units
03-04-2015Ohio St. vs. Penn St Under 131Loss-25units
03-04-2015Richmond -1 vs. MassWon+25units
03-04-2015Providence vs. Seton Hall Under 140Loss-25units
03-04-2015Geo Wash vs. George MasonWon+25units
03-03-2015Florida -4.5 vs. Texas A&MLoss-25units
03-03-2015Over 128 E. Michigan St. vs. Ball St. Loss-25units
03-03-2015Dayton -3.5 vs. Rhode IslandWon+25units
03-03-2015Milwaukee -5 vs. DenverLoss-25units
03-02-20153-Team Parlay: Texas -2.5/Syracuse+6/Iowa St -3 1HLoss-50units
03-01-2015Arizona St vs. Colorado Over 131Won+50units
03-01-2015Michigan St. vs. Wisconsin Over 124Won+50units
03-01-2015Golden St. -8.5 vs. BostonLoss-50units
03-01-2015Marquette vs. Providence Under 133Loss-50units
02-28-2015Arizona +2 vs. UtahWon+50units
02-28-2015Indiana St. -1 vs. BradleyWon+50units
02-28-2015Vandy -5 vs. AlabamaWon+50units
02-28-2015Kansas -7 vs. TexasLoss-50units
02-27-2015Boston -2.5 vs. CharlotteWon+50units
02-27-2015Over 193 Minnesota vs. ChicagoLoss-50units
02-27-2015Cleveland -3.5 vs. IndianaLoss-50units
02-26-2015Minnesota +9 vs. Michigan St. Won+50units
02-26-2015Murray St. -13 vs. E. Illinois Loss+50units
02-26-2015Utah -11.5 vs. Arizona St.Won+50units
02-25-2015Dallas +7 vs. AtlantaLoss-40units
02-25-2015Orlando +4 vs. MiamiWon+40units
02-25-2015TCU -8.5 vs. Texas TechWon+50units
02-24-2015Dallas -4.5 vs. TorontoWon+50units
02-24-2015Wisconsin vs. Maryland Under 129Won+40units
02-24-2015W. Michigan -3 vs. Ball St. Won+50units
02-24-2015Miami OH +3 vs. Kent St.Won+50units
02-22-2015OKC -10 vs. Denver Won+50units
02-22-2015Drake -2 vs. Missouri St.Won+50units
02-22-2015Oregon +5.5 vs. Utah Won+50units
02-22-2015Under 207 Golden St. vs. Indiana Won+40units
02-21-2015Florida +5 vs. Loss-40units
02-21-2015Alabama -3 vs. Georgia Loss-50units
02-21-2015MIami +8 vs. LouisvilleWon+50units
02-20-2015Portland -4.5 vs. UtahLoss-40units
02-20-2015Toronto vs. Atlanta Over 205Loss-50units
02-20-2015Dallas -2 vs. HoustonWon+50units
02-19-2015Tulane -6 vs. UCFLoss-25units
02-19-2015Utah vs. Oregon St. Over 113Loss-25units
02-19-2015Miss St. +6 vs. Ole MissPush+0units
02-18-2015Akron -2.5 vs. ToledoLoss-50units
02-18-2015Cinci -1 vs. Xavier Loss-40units
02-18-2015Providence -3 vs. Won+50units
02-17-2015Under 146 Wake Forest vs. Notre DameLoss-50units
02-17-2015Georgia -6 vs. S. CarolinaLoss-40units
02-17-2015VCU -16 vs. St. LouisWon+50units
02-16-2015Morgan St. -2 vs. HamptonLoss-25units
02-16-2015Monmouth -7 vs. MaristLoss-25units
02-15-2015Over 295 East vs. WestWon+50units
02-15-2015Indiana -3.5 vs. MinnesotaWon+25units
02-15-2015Illinois +14 vs. WisconsinLoss-25units
02-15-2015Washington +2 vs. Arizona St. Loss-25units
02-14-2015UCLA -6 vs. OregonWon+50units
02-14-2015Pepperdine +19 vs. GonzagaWon+50units
02-14-2015Tennessee -2 vs. LSULoss-50units
02-13-2015Under 149 Arizona St. vs. Washington St.Won+40units
02-13-2015Under 148 Arizona vs. WashingtonPush+0units
02-13-2015Toledo -8 vs. Kent St. Loss-50units
02-12-2015Houston +11 vs. SMUWon+40units
02-12-2015FIU -1 vs. Southern MIssWon+40units
02-12-2015Stanford vs. Utah Over 134Push+0units
02-12-2015Iowa -5.5 vs. MInnesotaLoss-50units
02-11-2015San Antonio -6 vs. DetroitWon+50units
02-11-2015Over 129 La Salle vs. VCUWon+40units
02-11-2015Texas A&M -4 vs. GeorgiaLoss-50units
02-11-2015Dallas -5 vs. UtahPush+0units
02-10-2015Akron -7 vs. Kent St.Won+50units
02-10-2015Phoenix -1.5 vs. HoustonLoss-40units
02-10-2015Xavier -3 vs. MarquetteWon+50units
02-10-2015Kentucky -10 vs. LSULoss-40units
02-09-2015Under 203 Atlanta vs. MinnesotaLoss-50units
02-09-2015Milwaukee -5 vs. Brooklyn Won+50units
02-09-2015Dallas -8 vs. LA ClippersLoss-50units
02-08-2015Over 202 San Antonio vs. TorontoLoss-50units
02-08-2015Iowa -5 vs. MarylandWon+50units
02-08-2015Rutgers +10 vs. Ohio St. Loss-50units
02-08-2015Chicago -6 vs. OrlandoLoss-50units
02-07-2015UConn -4 vs. TulaneWon+50units
02-07-2015Oklahoma -4 vs. TCUWon+50units
02-07-2015Virginia -6 vs. LouisvilleLoss-50units
02-07-2015Over 142 Texas Tech vs. Iowa St. Loss-50units
02-06-2015Memphis vs. Minnesota Under 197Won+50units
02-06-2015Denver +7 vs. DetroitLoss-50units
02-06-2015Lakers +5 vs. OrlandoLoss-50units
02-05-2015Charlotte +2 vs. WashingtonWon+50units
02-05-2015Cinci +7 vs. SMUWon+50units
02-05-2015UAB +4 vs. Louisiana TechWon+50units
02-05-2015BYU -2 vs. PepperdineLoss-50units
02-04-2015Over 204 Chicago vs. Houston Loss-25units
02-04-2015Georgia Tech +18 vs. DukeWon+25units
02-04-2015Texas -6 vs. Oklahoma St.Loss-25units
02-04-2015Over 123 TCU vs. BaylorWon+25units
02-03-2015Portland -7.5 vs. UtahLoss-25units
02-03-2015Nebraska -7 vs. NorthwesternWon+25units
02-02-2015Wisc Green Bay -6 vs. Wright St. Won+25units
02-02-2015OKC -12.5 vs. OrlandoLoss-25units
01-31-2015S. Dakota St. -7 vs. DenverWon+25units
01-31-2015Murray St. -11 vs. Tenn MartinLoss-25units
01-31-2015Denver -6 vs. CharlotteLoss-25units
01-30-2015Over 205 Golden St. vs. UtahWon+25units
01-30-2015Harvard -4 vs. PrincetonLoss-25units
01-29-2015Over 121 Kentucky vs. MissouriWon+50units
01-29-2015Milwaukee -4 vs. OrlandoWon+50units
01-29-2015George Mason -4 vs. Saint LouisWon+40units
01-29-2015Loyola Marymount +14 vs. Saint Marys CaPush+0units
01-28-2015Over 198 Boston vs. Minnesota Won+50units
01-28-2015Temple -8 vs. UCFWon+40units
01-28-2015Over 128 Texas Tech vs. OklahomaLoss-40units
01-28-2015Duke -1.5 vs. Notre DameLoss-50units
01-27-2015Cleveland vs. Detroit Under 208Won+50units
01-27-2015Memphis vs. Dallas Over 199Push+0units
01-27-2015Georgetown -4 vs. XavierLoss-40units
01-27-2015Miami -3 vs. MilwaukeeLoss-40units
01-26-2015Orlando vs. Memphis Under 204.5Won+50units
01-26-2015Utah -7 vs. BostonLoss-50units
01-25-2015Boston +18 vs. Golden St. Won+50units
01-25-2015Over 126.5 Northwestern vs. MarylandWon+40units
01-25-2015Over 198 Dallas vs. New OrleansWon+40units
01-25-2015Under 207 Indy vs. OrlandoWon+50units
01-24-2015Over 131 TCU vs. W. VirginiaWon+50units
01-24-2015Over 125 Marquette vs. GeorgetownWon+50units
01-24-2015Georgia -4.5 vs. Miss St.Won+50units
01-24-2015Syracuse -2.5 vs. MIamiLoss-40units
01-23-2015Boston +9 vs. DenverWon+40units
01-23-2015OKC +5 vs. AtlantaLoss-50units
01-23-2015Miami -4 vs. IndianaLoss-50units
01-23-2015Phoenix -2 vs. HoustonLoss-50units
01-22-2015Utah +8 vs. MilwaukeeWon+25units
01-22-2015Providence -2 vs. XavierWon+25units
01-22-2015Midd Tenn St. +2.5 vs. Old Dominion Won+25units
01-22-2015Arkansas -7 vs. AlabamaLoss-25units
01-21-2015Memphis -6 vs. TorontoPush+0units
01-21-2015Ball St -2 vs. OhioLoss-25units
01-21-2015Toledo +3 vs. Kent St. Loss-25units
01-21-2015Philly +2 vs. NY KnicksLoss-25units
01-20-2015Michigan +155 vs. RutgersWon+25units
01-20-2015Valparaiso -8 vs. Youngstown St. Won+25units
01-20-2015Illinois St. -8 vs. DrakePush+0units
01-19-2015Over 198 Toronto vs. MilwaukeeLoss-25units
01-19-2015Pittsburgh +15 vs. DukeWon+25units
01-19-2015Portland -10.5 vs. SacramentoLoss-25units
01-19-2015Villanova -4 vs. GorgetownLoss-25units
01-17-2015Maryland -1.5 1H vs. Michigan St. Won+40units
01-17-2015Georgia Tech +6 vs. PittWon+40units
01-17-2015Florida -2 vs. GeorgiaLoss-40units
01-16-2015Memphis -6.5 vs. OrlandoWon+40units
01-16-2015Chicago -5 vs. BostonWon+40units
01-16-2015Brooklyn vs. Washington Over 190Loss-40units
01-15-2015Memphis +1 vs. CinciWon+40units
01-15-2015Cleveland -6 vs. LA LakersWon+40units
01-15-2015Nebraska vs. Wisconsin Over 120Won+40units
01-13-2015Dallas -5 vs. SacramentoLoss-35units
01-13-2015Miami vs. LA Lakers Over 197Loss-35units
01-13-2015Syracuse -8.5 vs. Wake ForestLoss-35units
01-12-2015New Orleans -4.5 vs. BostonLoss-25units
01-12-2015Houston -6 vs. BrooklynWon+25units
01-12-2015Toronto -6 vs. DetroitLoss-25units
01-12-2015Under 209 Detroit vs. TorontoLoss-25units
01-11-2015UCLA -6 vs. CalWon+25units
01-10-2015Valparaiso -6 vs. Cleveland St. Loss-25units
01-10-2015Portland -5.5 vs. San FranLoss-25units
01-09-2015Washington -1 vs. ChicagoWon+25units
01-09-2015Orlando vs. LA Lakers Over 201Loss-25units
01-09-2015Atlanta -3.5 vs. DetroitLoss-25units
01-08-2015Over 135 Arizona vs. OregonWon+25units
01-08-2015Old Dominion -9 vs. MarshallWon+25units
01-08-2015Over 196 Miami vs. PortlandLoss-25units
01-07-2015Over 203 Indiana vs. Golden St. Won+25units
01-07-2015 Kent St. -2 vs. Bowling GreenLoss-25units
01-07-2015 Memphis vs. Atlanta Over 196Loss-25units
01-06-2015Phoenix -4 vs. Milwaukee Won+25units
01-06-2015Arkansas vs. Georgia Over 137Won+25units
01-06-2015E. Carolina vs. Cinci Over 117Push+25units
01-06-2015Phoenix -2 1H vs. MilwaukeeLoss+25units
01-05-2015Chicago -3 vs. HoustonWon+25units
01-05-2015Oklahoma +6 vs. TexasWon+25units
01-05-2015N. Carolina -7.5 vs. Notre DameLoss-25units
01-05-2015Utah -2 vs. IndianaLoss-25units
12-30-2014Oklahoma St. vs. Missouri Over 128Won+25units
12-29-2014Brooklyn -2 vs. SacramentoWon+25units
12-29-2014LSU -17 vs. S. MissWon+25units
12-26-2014Atlanta vs. Milwaukee Over 204Loss-25units
12-26-2014Cleveland -4.5 vs. OrlandoWon+25units
12-25-2014Colorado vs. Hawaii Over 133Won+25units
12-25-2014San Antonio -5 vs. OKCLoss-25units
12-25-2014Cleveland -6 vs. MiamiLoss-25units
12-25-2014Nebraska -5 vs. OhioWon+25units
12-23-2014Rutgers -8 vs. Sacred HeartWon+20units
12-22-2014Dallas -4 vs. AtlantaLoss-20units
12-19-2014Orlando -3.5 vs. UtahLoss-20units
12-19-2014Clemson +7 vs. S. CarolinaLoss-20units
12-18-2014Seton Hall -5.5 vs. South FloridaWon+20units
12-18-2014Wright St. -1.5 vs. W. CarolinaWon+20units
12-18-2014Houston vs. New Orleans Over 202Loss-20units
12-17-2014Boston -3.5 vs. Orlando
12-17-2014Phoenix vs. Charlotte Under 201
12-17-2014Miami -4 vs. Utah
12-16-2014Dallas vs. NY Knicks Over 201.5
12-16-2014Memphis -2.5 vs. Golden St. Won+20units
12-16-2014Brooklyn -6 vs. MiamiLoss-20units
12-15-2014 Boston -5 vs. Philly
12-15-2014Pepperdine -10 vs. S. Alabama Push+0units
12-15-2014Grambling vs. Oregon St. Over 114Push+0units
12-12-2014LA Clippers -2.5 vs. Washington
12-12-2014Cleveland +2.5 vs. CharlotteLoss-20units
12-11-2014Wright St. +8 vs. BelmontWon+20units
12-10-2014Georgetown -1.5 vs. Kansas Loss-20units
12-10-2014Rider +10.5 vs. IonaLoss-20units
12-10-2014 Towson +10 vs. TempleLoss-20units
12-08-2014Cleveland -6.5 vs. Brooklyn Won+20units
12-08-2014Atlanta -1 vs. IndianaWon+20units
12-08-2014Minnesota +14 vs. Golden St. Loss-20units
12-06-2014Houston PK vs. PhoenixWon+20units
12-06-2014Golden St. -3 vs. Chicago Won+20units
12-06-2014Philly vs. Detroit Over 194Won+20units
12-05-2014Minnesota -17.5 vs. Western CaroinaWon+20units
12-04-2014Portland -8 vs. IndianaLoss-20units
12-04-2014W. Virginia -9 vs. LSULoss-20units
12-03-2014Boston -5 vs. DetroitWon+20units
12-03-2014VaTech vs. Penn St. Under 138.5Won+20units
12-03-2014Old Dominion -3 vs. George MasonWon+20units
12-03-2014North Carolina -7 vs. IowaLoss-20units
12-02-2014Boston +7 vs. AtlantaWon+20units
12-02-2014Indiana -3 vs. PittsburghWon+20units
12-02-2014Portland -2.5 vs. DenverLoss-20units
12-02-2014LA Lakers vs. Detroit Over 205 Loss-20units
12-01-2014Nebraska -2.5 vs. FSUWon+20units
12-01-2014Miami vs. Washington Over 188Won+20units
12-01-2014Minnesota vs. LA Clippers Under 216.5 Loss-20units
12-01-2014San Antonio -11 vs. PhillyLoss-20units
11-26-2014Arizona vs. San Diego St.Loss-20units
11-25-2014Drake -9 vs. IUPUIWon+20units
11-21-2014Cleveland -2 vs. WashingtonLoss+20units
11-20-2014Indiana +2 vs. SMUWon+20units
11-19-2014Dallas vs. Washington Over 204Won+20units
11-18-2014LA Lakers +8.5 vs. AtlantaWon+20units
11-17-2014Memphis -4 vs. HoustonWon+20units
11-17-2014Denver +7 1st Half vs. ClevelandWon+20units
11-17-2014S. Miss -10 vs. S. AlabamaLoss-20units
11-17-2014TCU -5 vs. WashingtonWon+20units
11-16-2014Wyoming -11 vs. N. ColoradoLoss-20units
11-16-2014UMass -5 vs. Boston CollegeWon+20units
11-16-2014Buffalo +32.5 vs. KentuckyWon+20units
11-14-2014Atlanta -4 vs. MiamiWon+20units
11-14-2014Detroit vs OKC Over 189Loss-20units
11-14-2014Cleveland -5.5 vs. BostonLoss-20units
11-12-2014Portland +2.5 vs. DenverWon+20units
11-11-2014Orlando vs. Toronto Over 200Won+20units
11-10-2014San Antonio +3 vs. LA ClippersWon+20units
11-10-2014Cleveland -5.5 vs. New OrleansWon+20units
11-10-2014Atlanta -1.5 vs. NY KnicksWon+20units
11-09-2014Miami +8 vs. DallasWon+20units
11-09-2014Detroit -3.5 vs. UtahLoss-20units
11-08-2014San Antonio -7 vs. New OrleansLoss-20units
11-08-2014Atlanta -6.5 vs. NY KnicksWon+20units
11-07-2014Chicago vs. Philly Over 189Won+15units
11-06-2014Portland -2 vs. DallasWon+20units
11-06-2014Houston -6.5 vs. San AntonioWon+15units
11-05-2014Charlotte -1.5 vs. MiamiWon+15units
11-05-2014Detroit -4 vs. NY KnicksLoss-20units
11-04-2014Portland +2.5 vs. ClevelandWon+15units


Overall Results as of 05/28/14: +1255units. Playing $50 per unit players are up over $58,210. Record: 184-104-8
05-15-2014OKC +4 vs. LA Clippers Winner+20units
05-15-2014Indiana +4 vs. Washington Winner+15units
05-14-2014Miami -7 vs. Brooklyn Loss-20units
05-13-2014LA Clippers +5 vs. OKC Winner+20units
05-12-2014Miami -2 vs. Brooklyn Winner+20units
05-11-2014Indiana +3.5 vs. Washington Winner+15units
05-11-2014OKC +5 vs. LA ClippersWinner+15units
05-10-2014Brooklyn +2.5 vs. Miami Winner+20units
05-09-2014LA Clippers -4.5 vs. OKCLoss-20units
05-09-2014Indiana +5 vs. WashingtonWinner+15units
05-08-2014Parlay: Brooklyn/Miami Over 192/San Antonio -6 Loss-20units
05-06-2014Brooklyn vs. Miami Under 191Loss-20units
05-04-2014Brooklyn vs. Toronto Over 188Winner+20units
05-04-2014Dallas vs. San Antonio Over 197Winner+20units
05-03-2014Indiana -6 vs. AtlantaWinner+20units
05-03-2014Golden St +7.5 vs. LA ClippersWinner+20units
04-30-2014San Antonio -6 vs. DallasPush20units
04-29-2014Washington vs. Chicago Under 183.5Winner+20units
04-28-2014Atlanta vs. Indiana Under 186 Loss-15units
04-27-2014Golden St. +2 vs. LA ClippersWinner+20units
04-26-2014Miami vs. Charlotte Over 187Loss-20units
04-26-2014OKC vs. Memphis Under 188 Winner+20units
04-25-2014Toronto vs. Brooklyn Under 191 Loss-20units
04-24-2014Golden St. +3 vs. Golden St. Winner+20units
04-23-2014Charlotte +10 vs. MiamiWinner+20units
04-23-2014Washington -118 vs. LA Angels  Winner+20units
04-21-2014OKC -7 vs. Memphis Loss-15units
04-20-2014Charlotte +10.5 vs. Miami Loss-20units
04-20-2014Houston -5 vs. PortlandLoss-20units
04-19-2014 Memphis vs. OKC Over 191.5  Loss-20units
04-13-2014Indiana -2 vs. Oklahoma CityWinner+20units
04-09-2014Indiana -5 vs. MilwaukeeLoss-20units
04-06-2014NY Knicks vs. Miami Over 186Winner +20units
04-05-2014Wisconsin +1 vs. Kentucky Push20units
04-05-2014UConn +6.5 vs. FloridaWinner+20units
04-04-2014OKC +2.5  vs. HoustonLoss-20units
04-03-2014OKC -2 vs. San Antonio Winner+20units
04-02-2014LA Clippers -3 vs. Phoenix Winner+15units
04-01-2014SMU -3 vs. Clemson Winner+15units
03-31-2014Charlotte -3 vs. Washington Winner+15units
03-30-2014NY Knicks vs. Golden St. Over 201.5 Loss-15units
03-30-2014Michigan +2 vs. KentcukyLoss-20units
03-29-2014New Orleans vs. San Antonio Over 202Loss-20units
03-29-2014Wisconsin +3 vs. Arizona Winner+20units
03-27-2014Arizona -7.5 vs. San Diego St. Loss-15units
03-27-2014 Wisconsin +3.5 vs. BaylorWinner+15units
03-27-2014Stanford -3 vs. Dayton Loss-15units
03-26-2014LA Clippers vs. New Orleans Under 206Winner+20units
03-26-2014FSU -2.5 vs. Louisiana TechWinner+20units
03-26-2014Columbia -4.5 vs. YaleLoss-15units
03-25-2014Toronto -4 vs. Cleveland Loss-15units
03-25-2014Southern Miss +4.5 vs. MinnLoss-15units
03-24-2014Houston -4.5 vs. CharlotteWinner+20units
03-24-2014FSU -3 vs. GeorgetownWinner+20units
03-23-2014Kentucky +4.5 vs. Wichita St. Winner+20units
03-22-2014Dayton vs. Syracuse Over 128 Loss-20units
03-22-2014Villanova -3.5 vs. ConnecticutLoss-20units
03-22-2014Utah -5 vs. Orlando Loss-20units
03-21-2014Stanford +3 vs. New MexicoWinner+20units
03-21-2014Tulsa vs. UCLA Under 147Winner+15units
03-21-2014N. Carolina -4 vs. ProvidenceLoss-20units
03-20-2014NC State +3 vs. Saint LouisPush20units
03-20-2014Oklahoma -3 vs. N. Dakota St.Loss-20units
03-19-2014Georgia -4.5 vs. VermontWinner+20units
03-19-2014Illinois -3 vs. Boston University Winner+20units
03-18-2014Georgetown -4 vs. W. VirginiaWinner+20units
03-18-2014Portland St. vs. San Diego Over 135 Winner+15units
03-18-2014Washington +1.5 vs. Sacramento
03-17-2014Boston +12 vs. Dallas
03-17-2014Charlotte -2.5 vs. AtlantaLoss-20units
03-16-2014MIchigan +3.5 vs. Michigan St.
03-15-2014NC State +9.5 vs. Duke
03-15-2014Kentucky -7 vs. GeorgiaWinner+15units
03-14-2014South Carolina vs. Tennessee Over 133
03-14-2014Kansas -4 vs. Iowa State
03-14-2014Colorado +11.5 vs. ArizonaLoss-15units
03-13-2014Minnesota -4.5 vs. Penn St. Winner+20units
03-13-2014Over 144 Rutgers/Louisville Loss-20units
03-13-2014Over 131 Purdue/Ohio State Loss-20units
03-12-2014NY Knicks -4 vs. Boston Winner+20units
03-12-2014Butler +2.5 vs. Seton HallWinner+20units
03-12-2014Oregon -7 vs. Oregon St. Winner+20units
03-11-2014Golden St. -5.5 vs. DallasWinner+20units
03-11-2014Detroit -2.5 vs. SacramentoWinner+20units
03-10-2014Savannah St. -8 vs. S. Carolina St.Winner+20units
03-10-2014Charlotte -5 vs. DenverWinner+20units
03-09-2014NC State 1H -3 vs. Boston College Winner+20units
03-09-2014Wichita St. -12 vs. Indiana St.Winner+20units
03-08-2014Georgia St. -9 vs. W. Kentucky Winner+20units
03-08-2014Arkansas -1 vs. Alabama Loss-20units
03-07-2014Golden St. -9 vs. Atlanta Winner +20units
03-07-2014Dallas -2 vs. PortlandWinner+20units
03-06-2014Washington St. -4.5 vs. USC Winner+20units
03-06-2014UCLA -4 vs. Washington
03-05-2014Tennessee -5 vs. Auburn Winner+20units
03-05-2014Houston -6.5 vs. OrlandoWinner+20units
03-04-2014FSU -2 vs. Boston CollegeWinner+20units
03-04-2014Providence -2 vs. MarquetteLoss-20units
03-03-2014Memphis -2 vs. WashingtonWinner+20units
03-03-2014Brooklyn -3 vs. ChicagoWinner+20units
03-02-2014St. Johns -15 vs. DepaulLoss-20units
03-02-2014Golden St. -2.5 vs. TorontoLoss-20units
03-01-2014Towson -5.5 vs. William & MaryLoss-20units
03-01-2014VCU -4 vs. St. LouisWinner+20units
02-28-2014Washington -8 vs. Washington St. Winner+20units
02-28-2014Golden St. vs. NY Knicks Over 200Winner+20units
02-27-2014E. Carolina -2 vs. Charlotte Winner+20units
02-27-2014Detroit -6 vs. WI-MilwaukeeLoss-20units
02-26-2014Pittsburgh -6 vs. Boston College Winner+20units
02-26-2014Texas -4 vs. Baylor Winner+20units
02-25-2014Phoenix -3 vs. Minnesota Loss-20units
02-25-2014Over 193 Toronto vs. ClevelandLoss-20units
02-24-2014LA Clippers -4 vs. New OrleansWinner+20units
02-24-2014Dallas -3 vs. NY KnicksLoss-20units
02-23-2014OKC -4 vs. LA Clippers Loss-20units
02-23-2014Brooklyn -2.5 vs. LA Lakers Winner+20units
02-22-2014Clemson -1.5 vs. Ga TechWinner+20units
02-22-2014Syracuse +6 vs. DukePush20units
02-21-2014NY Knicks vs. OrlandoWinner+20units
02-21-2014Denver vs. Chicago Under 191Loss-20units
02-20-2014Memphis -8 vs. Rutgers Loss-20units
02-20-2014Miami +3 vs. OKCWinner+20units
02-19-2014Toronto -3 vs. ChicagoLoss-20units
02-19-2014Indiana -3 vs. MinnesotaLoss-20units
02-18-20145Pt Teaser: Duke -5.5/Butler +13.5 Loss-20units
02-17-2014Southern -14 vs. Miss Valley St. Loss-20units
02-16-2014St. Johns -4 vs. GeorgetownWinner+20units
02-16-2014Colorado -3 vs. USCWinner+20units
02-15-2014Florida St. -1.5 vs. Wake Forest Winner+20units
02-15-2014Florida +2.5 vs. KentuckyWinner+20units
02-14-2014Arizona vs. Arizona St. Over 132Winner+20units
02-14-2014Canisius -4 vs. Niagara Winner+20units
02-13-2014Brooklyn +3.5 vs. Chicago Loss-20units
02-13-2014St. Johns -1 vs. Seton Hall Push+0units
02-12-2014LSU -3.5 vs. Texas A&M Loss-20units
02-11-2014Colorado State -4.5 vs. Utah St.Loss-20units
02-11-2014San Diego St -3.5 vs. WyomingLoss-20units
02-10-2014New Orleans vs. Toronto Over 192Winner+15units
02-10-2014San Antonio -3 vs. DetroitLoss-15units
02-09-2014Detroit -2 vs. Youngstown St. Push+0units
02-09-2014NY Knicks vs. OKC Over 200Winner+20units
02-08-2014Georgia -5.5 vs. Texas A&MWinner+20units
02-08-2014Duke -10 vs. Boston College Winner+20units
02-07-2014Oklahoma City vs. Orlando Over 199Winner+20units
02-07-2014Toronto vs. LA Clippers Over 205Winner+20units
02-06-2014Utah -9.5 vs. WashingtonLoss-20units
02-06-2014Hawaii -4 vs. UCSB (Write-in Game) Loss-20units
02-06-2014San Diego -2.5 vs. San Fran Loss-20units
02-06-2014LSU -2.5 vs. Georgia (Write-in Game) Loss-20units
02-05-2014Portland -2 vs. NY KnicksWinner+20units
02-05-2014LA Clippers -2 vs. MiamiLoss-20units
02-04-2014Kansas -3.5 vs. BaylorWinner+20units
02-04-2014Chicago vs. Phoenix Under 192Loss-20units
02-04-2014Iona -5 vs. MonmouthWinner+20units
02-03-2014Clippers -1.5 vs. DenverLoss-20units
02-03-2014Toronto -4 vs. UtahWinner+20units
02-02-2014Seattle vs. Denver Over 48Winner+15units
02-02-2014Virginia +5 vs. PittsburghWinner+15units
02-02-2014UW Milwaukee -1 vs. OaklandWinner+20units
02-01-2014Seton Hall +8 vs. Xavier Winner+20units
01-31-2014Pennsylvania +2 vs. Dartmouth Loss-15units
01-31-2014Iona vs. Manhattan Over 161 Loss-15units
01-30-2014Golden St -6 vs. LA ClippersWinner+15units
01-30-2014LA Clippers vs. Golden St. Over 213 Loss-15units
01-29-2014Toronto -8.5 vs. OrlandoWinner+20units
01-29-2014Philly +4 vs. BostonWinner+15units
01-29-2014OKC +4.5 vs. Miami Winner+15units
01-28-2014Michigan St. +5.5 vs. IowaWinner+20units
01-28-2014E. Illinois +8.5 vs. Cleveland St. Loss-20units
01-27-2014Duke vs. Pitt Over 145Winner+20units
01-27-2014Villanova -6 vs. Georgetown Loss-20units
01-26-2014Minnesota +1 vs. NebraskaLoss-15units
01-26-2014Kent St. +9 vs. ToledoWinner+20units
01-26-2014Ball St. +13 vs. W. Michigan Winner+15units
01-25-2014OKC -9 vs. PhillyWinner+15units
01-24-2014OKC -2.5 vs. BostonWinner+15units
01-24-2014New Orleans +3.5 vs. DetroitWinner+15units
01-23-2014Portland -7 vs. Denver Loss-20units
01-23-2014Miami -11.5 vs. LA LakersLoss-20units
01-22-2014Drake +2 vs. S. Illinois Winner+15units
01-22-2014Auburn -2 vs. Miss St. Loss-15units
01-22-2014Philly vs. NY Knicks Over 204Winner+20units
01-21-2014OKC -5.5 vs. Portland Winner+15units
01-21-2014Boston +9 vs. Miami Winner+15units
01-21-2014Orlando vs. Brooklyn Under 194Winner+20units
01-20-2014LA Clippers vs. Detroit Under 209Loss-15units
01-19-2014Oregon -3 vs. Oregon St. Loss-20units
01-19-2014Iowa -8.5 vs. MinnesotaWinner+20units
01-18-2014George Mason +4.5 vs. Rhode IslandWinner+20units
01-18-2014SMU -4.5 vs. UCFWinner+20units
01-17-2014OKC +1 vs. Golden St.Winner+15 units
01-17-2014Miami -10 vs. PhillyWinner+15 units
01-16-2014Memphis -6.5 vs. Connecticut Loss-15 units
01-16-2014St. Johns -4 vs. Providence Loss-15 units
01-15-2014Bowling Green -6.5 vs. C. MichiganWinner+15 units
01-15-2014Michigan St. -10.5 vs. Northeastern Winner+15 units
01-14-2014Memphis +1 vs. OKCWinner+15 units
01-12-2014Atlanta vs Memphis Over 191 Winner+15 units
01-12-2014FSU -6 vs. MarylandWinner+15 units
01-10-2014Houston -2 vs. AtlantaLoss-20 units
01-10-2014Brooklyn +5 vs. MiamiWinner+20 units
01-09-2014Denver +3.5 vs. OKCWinner+20 units
01-09-2014Denver vs. OKC Under 211Winner+20 units
01-09-2014Miami vs. NY Knicks Over 196Loss+20 units
01-08-2014Toronto -6 vs. DetroitWinner+20 units
01-08-2014Golden St -6 vs. BrooklynLoss-20 units
01-07-2014Detroit vs. NY Knicks Over 199Loss-20 units
01-07-2014Duke 2nd Half vs. Ga Tech
Winner+20 units
01-06-2014Pittsburgh -5 1H vs. MarylandWinner+20 units
01-06-2014Philadelphia +7 vs. Minnesota Loss-20 units
01-06-2014Brooklyn -3 vs. Atlanta Winner+20 units
01-03-2014Memphis vs. Denver Over 191Winner+20 units
01-03-2014Dalas +2 vs. LA ClippersLoss-20 units
01-02-2014Chicago -4.5 vs. Boston Winner+20 units
01-02-2014Miami Heat -4 vs. Golden St. Loss-20 units
01-02-2014Oregon -3 vs. UtahLoss-20 units
12-26-2013LA Clippers +5Winner+20 units
12-25-2013OKC -9 vs. NY KnicksWinner+20 units
12-25-2013Chicago +4 vs. BrooklynWinner+20 units
12-25-2013Golden St. -2 vs. LA ClippersPush+0 units
12-23-2013Santa Clara +2.5 vs. USFWinner+20 units
12-23-2013Oregon St -3 vs. George MasonLoss-20 units
12-21-2013E. Carolina +10.5 vs. NC St.Loss-20 units
12-20-2013Dallas -6 vs. TorontoLoss-20 units
12-20-2013Over 192 Milwaukee vs. Detroit Winner+20 units
12-20-2013Over 192 Charlotte vs. ClevelandWinner+20 units
12-19-2013Over 202 San Antonio vs. Golden St. Winner+20 units
12-19-20131st Half Over 96: Chicago vs. OKCWinner+20 units
12-19-2013Duke -4 vs. UCLA
Winner+20 units
12-18-2013Indiana +3.5 vs. Miami Winner+20 units
12-18-2013San Antonio vs. Phoenix Over 202Winner+20 units
12-18-2013Boston -1 vs. DetroitLoss-20 units
12-16-2013LA Clippers vs. San Antonio Over 203Winner+20 units
12-16-2013Detroit vs. Indiana Under 193Loss-20 units
12-16-2013LA Clippers +3 vs. San Antonio Winner+20 units
12-14-2013W. Virginia -11 vs. MarshallWinner+15 units
12-14-2013Butler -2.5 vs. PurdueWinner+15 units
12-14-2013Oklahoma -11 vs. Tulsa Loss-20 units
12-12-2013Portland -3 vs. Houston Winner+20 units
12-12-2013Maryland vs. BC Over 144 Winner+20 units
12-12-2013LA Clippers -2 vs. Brooklyn Loss-20 units
12-10-2013Detroit -1 vs. MinnesotaLoss-20 units
12-10-2013Indiana -3 vs. MiamiWinner+20 units
12-10-2013Phoenix +3 vs. LA LakersWinner+20 units
12-9-2013LA Clippers -9.5 vs. Philly Winner+20 units
12-9-2013Charlotte +5.5 vs. Golden St.Winner+20 units
12-6-2013ASU -5 vs. DepaulWinner+20 units
12-6-2013Kentucky -5 vs. BaylorLoss-15 units
12-6-2013Charlotte -6 vs. Philadelphia Winner+15 units
12-5-2013Rhode Island +6 vs. Providence Winner+15 units
12-5-2013Under 189 Miami/ChicagoLoss-15 units
12-4-2013Portland -2 vs. Oklahoma CityWinner+20 units
12-4-2013Cleveland +4 vs. Denver Winner+20 units
12-4-2013LA Clippers -2.5 vs. Atlanta Loss-20 units
12-3-2013Orlando +4 vs. PhillyWinner+20 units
12-3-2013Boston -8 vs. MilwaukeeWinner+20 units
12-3-2013Texas Tech vs. Arizona Over 140.5 Winner+20 units
12-3-2013BYU -19 vs. North Texas Winner+20 units
12-2-2013Orlando vs. Washington Under 193Winner+20 units
12-2-2013UCONN -4 vs. FloridaLoss-20 units
12-2-2013Portland +2 vs. IndianaWinner+20 units
12-2-2013Vanderbilt +9 vs. TexasWinner+20 units
11-27-2013Golden St. vs. DallasLoss-20 units
11-27-2013Miami vs. Cleveland Over 197Loss-20 units
11-25-2013Phoenix vs. Miami Over 200Loss-20 units
11-25-2013Detroit -7 vs. MilwaukeeWinner+20 units
11-22-2013Florida St. +3 vs. MichiganWinner+20 units
11-22-2013San Antonio +1 vs. Memphis Winner+20 units
11-22-2013Long Beach St. +19.5 vs. VCU Winner+20 units
11-22-2013Philadelphia -3 vs. MilwaukeeWinner+20 units
11-20-2013Xavier -16 vs. Miami OhioWinner+20 units
11-20-2013Dayton +8 vs. Georgia TechWinner+20 units
11-20-2013Indiana vs. NY Knicks Over 186.5 Winner+20 units
11-19-2013Penn St. -3 vs. LaSalleWinner+20 units
11-19-2013Minnesota -3.5 vs. Washington Loss+20 units
11-19-2013Kansas -17 vs. IoanaWinner+15 units
11-18-2013Denver +9 vs. OKCWinner+20 units
11-18-2013Memphis +8.5 vs LA Clippers Winner+20 units
11-15-2013Dallas vs. Miami Over 206Winner+20 units
11-15-2013Georgia -1.5 vs. GaTechLoss-20 units
11-14-2013Houston vs. NY Knicks Winner+20 units
11-14-2013Arizona -2 vs. San Diego St. Winner+20 units
11-13-2013Florida St. +1.5 vs. UCF Winner+20 units
11-13-2013Boston -5 vs. Charlotte Loss-20 units
11-12-2013New Orleans vs. LA Lakers Over 198Winner +15 units
11-12-2013Duke -5 vs. Kansas Loss-15 units
11-11-2013Denver vs. Utah Over 196 Loss-20 units
11-11-2013Rutgers +5.5 vs. UABWinner+15 units
11-11-2013BYU +5 vs. Stanford Winner+10 units
11-08-2013OKC -4 vs. DetroitWinner+20 units
11-08-2013Oregon +4 vs. Georgetown Winner+20 units
11-04-2013Utah vs. Brooklyn Under 190Loss-20 units
11-04-2013Houston vs. LA Clippers Over 208Winner +20 units
11-04-2013Cleveland -1 vs. MInnesotaPush+0 units
10-31-2013Golden St. vs. LA Clippers Over 204Winner+20 units
10-30-2013Dallas -5 vs. AtlantaWinner+20 units


Overall Results as of 3/29: +175 units, $300 players per unit player up over $16,500
03-29-13Michigan +1.5 vs. Kansas Winner+5 units
03-28-13Syracuse vs. Indiana Under 135.5 Winner+5 units
03-27-13 Baylor -8.5 vs. ProvidenceWinner+5 units
03-26-13Maryland +3.5 vs. AlabamaWinner+10 units
03-24-13Miami -8 vs. Illinois Loss-5 units
03-21-13Marquette -3.5 vs. DavidsonLoss-5 units
03-17-13St. Louis -1.5 vs. VCUWinner+15 units
03-15-13Miami -9.5 Boston CollegeWinner+10 units
03-13-13Oregon St. +6 vs. ColoradoPush5 units
03-13-13Villanova vs. St. Johns Under126Winner+20 units
03-13-13Mississippi vs. South Carolina Over 129Push5 units
03-10-13VCU -1 vs. TempleLoss-5 units
03-10-13Ohio St. -10 vs. IllinoisWinner+5 units
03-10-13Virginia Tech vs. Wake Forest Over 142Winner+5 units
03-09-13Kentucky +5.5 vs. FloridaWinner+20 units
03-09-13Norte Dame vs. Louisville Over 124Winner+5 units
03-09-13Marquette -7 vs. St. JohnsLoss-5 units
03-07-13Butler +1.5 vs. U. MassWinner+5 units
03-07-13Drake vs. Bradley Over143Winner+10 units
03-07-13Penn St. -5 vs. NorthwesternWinner+20 units
03-07-13Colorado -3 vs. OregonWinner+5 units
03-03-13Washington St. vs. Washington Over 130Winner+10 units
03-03-13NC State vs. Georgia Tech Under 161Winner+5 units
03-02-13UConn -7.5 vs. CincinnatiLoss-15 units
03-02-13UNLV vs. Nevada Under139Loss-10 units
03-02-13Arkansas -2.5 vs. KentuckyWinner+5 units
03-02-13Baylor -2.5 vs. Kansas St.Loss-5 units
02-28-13North Carolina vs. Clemson Under 134Winner+5 units
02-28-13Duke PK vs. VirginiaLoss-10 units
02-27-13Georgetown -1.5 vs. ConnecticutLoss-10 units
02-27-13Maryland vs. Georgia Tech Over 126Winner+5 units
02-25-13Syracuse -1.5 vs. MarquetteLoss-10 units
02-25-13Seton Hall +4.5 vs. VillanovaWinner+15 units VIP
02-24-13Michigan St. +3 vs. Ohio StLoss-5 units
02-24-13VaTech -2 vs. Florida St.Winner+15 units VIP
02-23-13Xavier +4.5 vs. VCUWinner+5 units
02-23-13Baylor +4 vs. Oklahoma Over143Winner+5 units
02-23-13Kansas St. vs. Texas Under 123Loss-10 units
02-20-13Wright St. -1.5 vs. Cleveland St. Winner+5 units
02-20-13Baylor -4 vs. Iowa StateLoss-10 units
02-20-13Providence +12 vs. SyracuseLoss-5 units
02-18-13West Virginia +10 vs. Kansas StatePush20 units
02-18-13Norte Dame +10.5 vs. PittsburghWinner +15 units
02-17-13Louisville -13 vs. South FloridaWinner+5 units
02-17-13USC vs. California Under 136Loss-10 units
02-16-13Southern Miss vs. East Carolina Over 142Winner+10 units
02-16-13Duke vs. Maryland Over 141Winner+5 units
02-16-13Oregon vs. Washington St. +4Winner+20 units
02-13-13 Denver vs. Brooklyn Over 196Winner +10 units
02-13-13 Syracuse -4.5 vs. ConnecticutLoss-5 units
02-13-13 Arkansas -3.5 vs. AuburnWinner+20 units
02-12-13Virginia Tech +14 vs. Virginia Loss-5 units
02-12-13Florida vs. Kentucky Under 135Winner +5 units