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2015-2016 NFL/NCAAF Record


Overall Results as of 1/18/15. Documented Record 105-81-2
01-18-15New England -6.5 vs. IndyWon+25units
01-18-15Indy vs. New England Over 53.5Loss-25units
01-18-15Under 46 Green Bay vs. SeattleLoss-25units
01-10-15Baltimore vs. New England Over 48Won+25units
01-04-15Detroit vs. Dallas Under 48Won+25units
01-04-15Toledo -3.5 vs. Arkansas St. Won+25units
01-04-15Over 48 Cinci vs. IndyLoss-25units
01-04-15Under 69 Toledo vs. Arkansas St. Loss-25units
01-03-15Arizona vs. Carolina Over 37.5Won+25units
01-03-15Florida -6.5 vs. E. CarolinaWon+25units
01-03-15Arizona +7 vs. CarolinaLoss-25units
01-03-15Over 56.5 E. Carolina vs. FloridaLoss-25units
01-02-15Over 52 Iowa vs. TennesseeWon+25units
01-02-15Under 55 Pitt vs. HoustonLoss-25units
01-02-15Over 57 Washington vs. OK St. Loss-25units
01-01-15Missouri -4.5 vs. MinnesotaWon+25units
01-01-15Michigan St. +3 vs. BaylorWon+25units
01-01-15Auburn -6 vs. WisconsinLoss-25units
01-01-15Florida St. +8 vs. OregonLoss-25units
12-30-146pt Teaser: Stanford -7/Over 41 vs. MarylandWon+25units
12-30-14Under 53 Notre Dame vs. LSU Loss-25units
12-29-14Over 66.5 Texas A&M vs. W. VirginiaWon+25units
12-29-14Oklahoma -6 vs. ClemsonLoss-25units
12-28-14Over 38.5 Jacksonville vs. Houston Won+25units
12-28-14Philly +1 vs. NY GiantsWon+25units
12-28-14Over 39.5 Cleveland vs. BaltimoreLoss-25units
12-28-14Atlanta -3 vs. CarolinaLoss-25units
12-26-14NC State vs. UCF Over 48.5Won+25units
12-26-14Rutgers +4 vs. North Carolina Won+25units
12-22-14Under 68 NIU/MarshallLoss-25units
12-22-14Over 47 Denver vs. CinciWon+25units
12-22-14Memphis -1 vs. BYUWon+25units
12-21-14Oakland +7 vs. BuffaloWon+25units
12-21-14Indy +3.5 vs. DallasLoss-25units
12-21-14Detroit vs. Chicago Over 43.5 Loss-25units
12-21-14Tampa Bay +12.5 vs. Green BayLoss-25units
12-20-14Air Force +1.5 vs. W. Michigan Won+25units
12-20-14Utah -3 vs. Colorado St. Won+25units
12-20-14S. Alabama vs. Bowling Green Over 53Won+25units
12-20-14UTEP vs. Utah St. Over 44Loss-25units
12-18-14Tennessee vs. Jacksonville Over 39Loss-25units
12-15-14New Orleans vs. Chicago Over 53Loss-25units
12-14-14Cinci +3 vs. ClevelandWon+25units
12-14-14Denver -4.5 vs. San DiegoWon+25units
12-14-14Green Bay -4.5 vs. BuffaloLoss-25units
12-14-14Jacksonville vs. Baltimore Over 44Loss-25units
12-07-14San Fran -8 vs. OaklandLoss-25units
12-07-14NY Giants -2.5 vs. TennesseeWon+25units
12-07-14Indy -3 vs. ClevelandLoss-30units
12-07-14Jacksonville vs. Houston Over 42Loss-30units
12-06-14Oklahoma St. vs. Oklahoma Over 59Won+25units
12-05-14Under 74 Arizona/OregonWon+25units
12-05-14Under 64 N. Illinois vs. Bowling GreenLoss-25units
12-04-14UCF vs. E. Carolina Under 57Loss-25units
12-04-14E. Carolina -6.5 vs. UCFLoss-25units
12-01-14NY Jets +7.5 vs. MiamiWon+25units
11-30-14Minnesota -2.5 vs. CaroinaWon+25units
11-30-14Cleveland +3 vs. BuffaloLoss-25units
11-30-14Pittsburgh -3.5 vs. New Orleans Loss-25units
11-30-14Cinci -6 vs. Tampa BayLoss-25units
11-29-14Utah St vs. Boise St. Over 59Won+25units
11-29-146pt Teaser: FSU -1/Under 59 Won+25units
11-29-14Alabama -8 vs. AuburnWon+25units
11-29-14Tennessee vs. Vanderbilt Over 49Loss-25units
11-28-14Colorado St. -8.5 vs. Air ForceLoss-25units
11-27-14Detroit -6.5 vs. ChicagoWon+25units
11-27-14Texas +7 vs. TCuLoss-25units
11-27-14Philly vs. Dallas Over 56Loss-25units
11-25-14Ohio vs. Miami OH Under 52Won+25units
11-24-14Baltimore +3 vs. New OrleansWon+25units
11-24-14Buffalo -3 vs. NY JetsWon+25units
11-23-14Chicago -5 vs. Tampa BayWon+25units
11-23-14Jacksonville +14 vs. IndyLoss-25units
11-23-14Tennessee +12 vs. PhillyLoss-25units
11-23-14San Diego -5 vs. St. LouisLoss-25units
11-22-14Texas Tech PK vs. Iowa St. Won+25units
11-22-14Oklahoma St vs. Baylor Over 70Won+25units
11-22-14Cinci -9 vs. UConnWon+25units
11-22-14Oregon St. vs. Washington Over 54Loss-25units
11-22-14Stanford vs. CAL Over 55Push+0units
11-21-14Over 47 San Jose St vs. Utah St. Won+25units
11-21-14UTEP +9 vs. RiceLoss-25units
11-20-14Kansas St. +2 vs. W. VirginiaWon+25units
11-20-14Kansas City -7 vs. OaklandLoss-35units
11-16-14Oakland +11 vs. San DiegoWon+25units
11-16-14Denver vs. St. Louis Over 50.5Loss-25units
11-16-14Cleveland -3.5 vs. HoustonLoss-25units
11-16-14Chicago -3 vs. MinnesotaWon+25units
11-15-14Washington +9 vs. ArizonaWon+25units
11-15-14Kentucky +11 vs. TennesseeLoss-25units
11-15-14NC St. -16.5 vs. Wake ForestWon+25units
11-15-14FSU -3.5 vs. MiamiWon+25units
11-14-14UCF/Tulsa Over 56Loss-25units
11-13-14NCAAF 6pt Teaser: USC -8.5/Over 65Loss-25units
11-13-14NFL 6pt Teaser: Buffalo +10.5/Over 35 Loss-20units
11-12-14Under 62 Ball St. vs. UMassWon+25units
11-12-14Bowling Green -13 vs. Kent St. Loss-25units
11-12-14Over 53 Kent St. vs. Bowling GreenLoss-20units
11-11-14Over 49 Akron vs. BuffaloWon+25units
11-11-14Over 59 Toledo vs. NIULoss-25units
11-11-14Akron -3.5 vs. BuffaloLoss-25units
11-10-14Over 49 Carolina vs. PhillyWin+25units
11-09-14Denver -12 vs. OaklandWin+25units
11-09-14Dallas -7.5 vs. JacksonvilleWin+25units
11-09-14NY Jets +4.5 vs. PittsburghWin+25units
11-08-14Ohio St. vs. Michigan St Over 54Win+25units
11-08-14Marshall vs. S. Miss Over 62Win+25units
11-08-14Conn -5 vs. Army Loss-25units
11-08-14Iowa St. -3 vs. KansasLoss-25units
11-05-14Bowling Green vs. Akron Under 59Win+25units
11-02-14Washington PK vs. Minnesota Loss-25units
11-02-14Miami -3 vs. San DiegoWin+25units
11-02-14Baltimore +3 vs. PittsburghLoss+25units
11-02-14New England +3 vs. DenverWin+25units
11-01-14W. Michigan +6.5 vs. Miami OHWin+25units
11-01-14Michigan -7 vs. IndianaWin+25units
11-01-14Southern Miss vs. UTEP Over 55Loss-25units
10-31-14Cinci vs. Tulane Under 56.5Win+25units
10-30-14New Orleans vs. Carolina Under 50Win+25units
10-30-14New Orleans -3 vs. CarolinaWin+25units
10-26-14Kansas City -6.5 vs. St. LouisWin+25units
10-26-14Over 42 Houston vs. TennesseeWin+25units
10-26-14Over 48 Philly vs. ArizonaLoss-25units
10-26-14Tampa Bay -2.5 vs. MinnesotaLoss-25units
10-25-14Alabama vs. Tennessee Over 47Win+25units
10-25-14Ohio St. vs. Penn St. Over 53Win+25units
10-25-14Boston College -13.5 vs. Wake ForestLoss-25units
10-25-14Under 56 Georgia Tech vs. PittLoss-25units
10-23-14Miami -2 vs. Virginia TechWin+25units
10-19-14Over 45 Houston vs. PittsburghWin+25units
10-19-14Pittsburgh -3 vs. HoustonWin+25units
10-18-14UCLA -7 vs. CalLoss-25units
10-18-14Ok St vs. TCU Over 62.5Loss-25units
10-18-14Rutgers vs. Ohio St Over 63Win+25units
10-16-14Oregon St. +3 vs. Utah Loss-25units
10-16-14Virginia Tech -1 vs. PittsburghLoss-25units
10-16-14Oregon St. vs. Utah Over 52.5Loss-25units
10-12-14Green Bay -2.5 vs. MiamiWin+25units
10-12-14Denver vs. NY Jets Over 47.5Win+25units
10-12-14Tennessee -3.5 vs. JacksonsillveLoss-25units
10-11-14Michigan -1.5 vs. Penn St.Win+25units
10-11-14Clemson -9.5 vs. LouisvilleLoss-25units
10-11-14North Carolina vs. Notre Dame Over 62Win+25units
10-10-14Washington +17 vs. StanfordWin+25units
10-02-14FIU +6.5 vs. FAUWin+20units
10-02-14Arizona +22.5 vs. OregonWin+20units
10-02-14Green Bay -8.5 vs. MinnesotaWon+15units
09-29-14New England -2.5 vs. Kansas CityLoss-20units
09-28-14Jax +14.5 vs. San DiegoLoss-20units
09-28-14Detroit +1.5 vs. NY jetsWin+20units
09-28-14Philly +4 vs. San FranLoss-20units
09-27-14Baylor -21 vs. Iowa St. Win+20units


Overall Results as of 1/12 +1225 Units. $50 Per Unit Players are up Over $60,890. Record 143-77
01-12-14San Fran vs. Carolina Under 41Win+20units
01-12-14San Diego vs. Denver Over 54.5 Loss-20units
01-12-14San Diego +8.5 vs. DenverWin+20units
01-06-14Auburn vs. FSU Under 68Win+20units
01-05-14San Fran vs. Green Bay Under 46.5Win+20units
01-05-14San Diego vs. Cinci Over 45.5 Loss-20units
01-05-14Arkansas vs. Ball St. Over 62.5 Loss-20units
01-05-14Arkansas +7 vs. Ball St. Win+20units
01-04-14Kansas City vs. Indy Over 46Win+20units
01-04-14New Orleans vs. Philly Over 53Loss-20units
01-04-14Vanderbilt -1.5 vs. Houston Win+20units
01-04-14N. Dakota -16 vs. TownsonWin+20units
01-03-14Clemson vs. Ohio St. Over 70Win+20units
01-03-14OK State vs. Missouri Over 60.5Win+20units
01-02-14Oklahoma vs. Alabama Over 51Win+20units
01-01-14Iowa vs. LSU Over 48Loss-20units
01-01-14South Carolina +2 vs. Wisconsin Win+20units
01-01-14Georgia -8 vs. NebraskaLoss-20units
12-31-13BC +7.5 vs. ArizonaLoss-20units
12-31-13Mississippi -7 vs. RiceWin+20units
12-31-137pt Teaser: Texas A&M -5 5 and Over 67Loss-20units
12-30-13Arizona St. -14 vs. Texas TechLoss-20units
12-30-13Ole Miss -2.5 vs. Ga TechWin+20units
12-29-13Green Bay -3 vs. ChicagoWin+20units
12-29-13NY Giants -3 vs. Washington Win+20units
12-29-13San Fran vs. Arizona Over 41Win+20units
12-29-13Jacksonville vs. Indy Over 45Loss-20units
12-28-13Kansas St -5 vs. MichiganWin+20units
12-28-13Miami +5 vs. LouisvilleLoss-20units
12-28-13Kansas St -5 vs. MichiganWin+20units
12-27-13Washington -3.5 vs BYU Win+20units
12-27-13Syracuse +4 vs. Minnesota Win+20units
12-27-13Syracuse vs. Minnesota Over 47.5Loss-20units
12-26-13Utah St. vs. NIU Over 56.5Loss-20units
12-26-13Pittsburgh vs. Bowling Green Over 50.5Win+20units
12-22-13New England +1 vs. BaltimoreWin+20units
12-22-13Cinci -7.5 vs. MinnesotaWin+20units
12-22-13Miami -2.5 vs. BuffaloLoss-20units
12-21-13USC -6 vs. Fresno St. Win+20units
12-21-13UL- Layafette +2 vs. TulaneWin+20units
12-21-13Colorado St. +5 vs. Washington St. Win+20units
12-14-13Army vs. Navy Over 49Loss-20units
12-09-13Dallas vs. Chicago Over 48Win+20units
12-08-13San Fran -3 vs. SeattleWin+20units
12-08-13Denver -12.5 vs. TennesseeWin+20units
12-08-13Oakland +3 vs. NY Jets Lost-20units
12-08-13Kansas City -4 vs. Washington Win+20units
12-07-13S. Alabama -3 vs. UL Layafette Win+20units
12-07-13Rutgers -4 vs. South FloridaWin+20units
12-07-13ASU -3 vs. Stanford Lost-20units
12-07-13Baylor -16 vs. Texas Win+20units
12-06-13Bowling Green +3 vs. N. Illinois Win+20units
12-05-13Houston vs. Jacksonville Under 43.5 Lost-20units
12-05-13Louisville -3 vs. Cincinnati Win+20units
12-01-13Cleveland -7 vs. JacksonvilleLost-20units
12-01-13Arizona +3.5 vs. Philadelphia Win+20units
12-01-13San Fran -7.5 vs. St. Louis Win+20units
12-01-13Indy -3.5 vs. TennesseeWin+20units
11-30-13BYU vs. Nevada Under 66Win+20units
11-30-13S. Miss vs. UAB Over 63.5 Win+20units
11-30-13Texas A&M +4.5 vs. Missouri Lost-20units
11-30-13Illinois +4 vs. UAB Win+20units
11-29-13Ball St. -35 vs. Miami (OH)Win+20units
11-29-13Troy -8.5 vs. Texas St. Win+20units
11-29-13Bowling Green vs. Buffalo Over 52Lost-20units
11-29-13Washington vs. Washington St. Over 66Lost-20units
11-28-13Miss St. +4 vs. Ole MissWin+20units
11-28-13Texas -6 vs. Texas Tech Win+20units
11-28-13Detroit -6.5 vs. Green BayWin+20units
11-28-13Green Bay vs. Detroit Under 48.5 Lost-20units
11-25-13San Fran -5 vs. WashingtonWin+20units
11-25-13San Fran vs. Washington Over 46Lost-20units
11-24-13 Dallas +3 vs. NY GiantsWin+20units
11-24-13 Minnesota vs. Green Bay Over 44Win+20units
11-24-13 Baltimore -3 vs. NY JetsWin+20units
11-24-13 Kansas City -3 vs. San DiegoLost-20units
11-23-13Iowa St -4 vs. KansasWin+20units
11-23-13Utah vs. Washington St.Win+20units
11-23-13Colorado St vs. Utah St. Over 58Lost-20units
11-23-13Temple -4 vs. ConnecticutLost-20units
11-21-13Rutgers vs. UCF Over 57Win+20units
11-21-13Rice vs UAB Over 63Win+20units
11-21-13UNLV vs Air Force Over 59Win+20units
11-20-13NIU vs. Toledo Over 72Lost-20units
11-19-13Kent State +6.5 vs. OhioWin+20units
11-18-131H: New England vs. Carolina Over 23.5 Lost-20units
11-17-13Pittsburgh +3 vs. DetroitWin+20units
11-17-13Cinci -5.5 vs. ClevelandWin+20units
11-17-13NY Giants -3.5 vs. Green Bay Win+20units
11-17-13Atlanta +1 vs. Tampa BayLost-20units
11-16-13Oklahoma State -3 vs. TexasWin+20units
11-16-13Nebraska +6 vs. Michigan St.Lost-20units
11-16-13Alabama vs. Miss St. Over 52.5Lost-20units
11-15-13Washington vs. UCLA Over 61.5Win+20units
11-15-13UCLA -3 vs. WashingtonWin+20units
11-14-13Clemson -10.5 vs. Georgia TechWin+20units
11-14-13Marshall -13 vs. TulsaLost-20units
11-13-13Kent State -17.5 vs. Miami (OH)Win+20units
11-13-13Miami (OH) vs. Kent State Under 48.5 Win+15units
11-12-13Bowling Green -10 vs. OhioWin+20units
11-11-13Miami vs. Tampa Bay Over 41Push+0units
11-10-13Philadelphia -1 vs. Green BayWin+20units
11-10-13Carolina +5.5 vs. San FranWin+20units
11-10-13Pittsburgh -3 vs. BuffaloWin+20units
11-09-13Wisconsin -8 vs. BYUWin+15units
11-09-13Illinois vs. Indiana Under 79Lost-15units
11-09-13Texas -5 vs. West VirginiaWin+20units
11-07-13Louisville vs. Connecticut Under 49 Win+20units
11-07-13Oregon vs. Stanford Over 62Win+20units
11-07-13Washington vs. Minnesota Over 50Lost-20units
11-05-13Buffalo -2.5 vs. Ohio Win+20units
11-05-13Buffalo vs. Ohio Under 55Lost+20units
11-04-13Chicago vs. Green Bay Under 51Win+20units
11-03-13Baltimore -2 vs. ClevelandLost-20units
11-03-13Washington PK vs. San DiegoWin+20units
11-03-13Dallas -9 vs. MinnesotaLost-20units
11-03-13Atlanta +9.5 vs. CarolinaLost-20units
11-02-13Arkansas St. +3 vs. S. AlabamaWin+20units
11-02-13Miami vs. FSU Over 62Lost-20units
11-02-13Cal +15 vs. ArizonaWin+20units
11-02-13Akron -1 vs. Kent St.Win+20units
10-31-13Cinci vs. Miami Under 43Win+15units
10-31-13Cinci -3 vs. MiamiLost-20units
10-31-13Troy -3 vs. UL MonroeLost-20units
10-30-13Cinci -2 vs. MemphisWin+20units
10-30-13Cinci vs. Memphis Over 44Win+15units
10-27-13Pittsburgh -2 vs. OaklandLost-20units
10-27-13Washington vs. Denver Over 57Win+20units
10-27-13Dallas +3 vs. DetroitWin+20units
10-27-13Dallas vs. Detroit Over 50Win+15units
10-26-13Oklahoma -6 vs. Texas TechWin+20units
10-26-13Texas +2 vs. TCUWin+20units
10-26-13Temple vs. SMU 1H Under 32Lost-15units
10-24-13Carolina vs. Tampa Bay Over 40Win+20units
10-24-13Kentucky vs. Miss St. Under 56Win+15units
10-24-13Tampa Bay +7 vs. CarolinaLost-20units
10-21-13Teaser: Giants +3 and Over 41Lost-20units
10-20-13San Diego -7 vs. JacksonvilleWin+20units
10-20-13Kansas City -6 vs. HoustonLost-20units
10-20-13Chicago ML vs. WashingtonLost-20units
10-19-13Michigan -9 vs. IndianaWin+20units
10-19-13Colorado St. vs. WyomingWin+20units
10-19-13Maryland -5 vs. Wake ForestLost-15units
10-17-13Seattle vs. Arizona Over 41Win+15units
10-17-13Seattle -6 vs. ArizonaWin+20units
10-17-13Miami vs. North Carolina Over 63Lost-20units
10-15-13WKU -3.5 vs. UL LafayetteLost-15units
10-14-13Indy vs. San Diego Over 50.5Lost-20units
10-13-13Jacksonville vs. Denver Under 55Win+20units
10-13-13New Orleans +1 vs. New EnglandLost-20units
10-12-13Kentucky vs. Alabama Over 51Win+20units
10-12-13Michigan -3 vs. Penn StLost-20units
10-12-13NC State -6.5 vs. SyracuseLost-20units
10-10-13USC -6 vs. ArizonaWin+20units
10-10-13San Diego St -3.5 vs. Air ForceWin+20units
10-10-13Rutgers vs. Louisville Over 56 Lost-15units
10-07-13Atlanta -7 vs. NY JetsLost-20units
10-05-13Clemson -14.5 vs. SyracuseWin+20units
10-05-13Ohio -3 vs. Akron+20units
10-05-13South Alabama vs. Troy Over 62Win+15units
10-05-13TCU vs. Oklahoma Over 47Lost-20units
10-04-13BYU vs. Utah St. Under 56Win+15units
10-04-13Nevada vs. San Diego St. Over 60Win+15units
10-03-13Utah +6.5 vs. UCLA Lost-20units
10-03-13Cleveland -3.5 vs. BuffaloWin+20units
10-03-13Buffalo vs. Cleveland Under 41Lost-20units
09-30-13New Orleans -7 vs. MiamiWin+20units
09-29-13Arizona +2 vs. Tampa BayWin+20units
09-29-13Baltimore vs. Buffalo Over 44Lost-20units
09-29-13Cincinnati -4 vs. ClevelandLost-20units
09-28-13Oklahoma vs. Notre Dame Over 50.5Win+20units
09-28-13Florida -11.5 vs. KentuckyWin+15units
09-28-13Oregon St. -11.5 vs. ColoradoWin+15units
09-27-13BYU. vs. Mid Tenn St. Under 58Win+15 units
09-27-13Utah St. vs. San Jose St. Over 63Loss-15 units
09-27-13BYU -23 vs. Midd Tenn St. Win+20 units
09-26-13San Fran -3.5 vs. St. LouisWin+20 units
09-26-13Iowa St. vs Tulsa Over 54Lost+15 units
09-26-13VaTech vs. Ga Tech Over 43.5 Lost-15 units
09-21-13Oregon St. vs. San Diego St. Over Over 54.5Win+20 units
09-21-13Rutgers -2 vs. Arkansas Win+20 units
09-21-13West Virginia +6 vs. MarylandLoss-20 units
09-20-13Boise St +4 vs. Fresno St. Win+20 units
09-20-13Boise St vs. Fresno St. Over 69Lost+15 units
09-19-13Clemson vs. NC State Over 65 Lost-20 units
09-19-13Kansas City vs. Philly Under 50 Lost+15 units
09-15-13Carolina -3 vs. BuffaloWin-15 units
09-15-13Atlanta -6 vs. St. Louis Win+20 units
09-14-13Marshall - 8 vs. OhioWin-15 units
09-14-13Georgia Tech -9 vs. DukeWin+20 units
09-14-13Penn St. -5 vs. Central FloridaWin-20 units
09-13-13Boise St. -23 vs. Air ForceLost-20 units
09-12-13Tulane +7.5 vs. Louisiana Tech Win+20 units
09-12-13Texas Tech +3 vs. TCULost+20 units
09-12-13NY Jets vs. New England Under 44.5Win+15 units
09-8-13Tampa Bay -2.5 vs. NY JetsWin-10 units
09-8-13Tennessee +6.5 vs. PittsburghWin+10 units
09-8-13Buffalo +10.5 vs. New EnglandLost+10 units
09-7-13Washington St. +16 vs. USCLost+20 units
09-7-13West Virginia vs. Oklahoma Over 57Win-20 units
09-7-13Georgia -3.5 vs. South CarolinaWin+15 units
09-2-13FSU vs. PItt Over 50Win+10 units
08-31-13Clemson +2.5 vs. GeorgiaWin+20 units
08-31-13Virginia Tech +20 vs. AlabamaWin-20 units
08-31-13Syracuse +8.5 vs. Penn St. Lost+15 units
08-30-13N Arizona vs. Arizona Under 63Lost+20 units
08-30-13Texas Tech -5.5 vs. SMUWin+20 units
08-30-13Kansas St. -12 vs. N. Dakota St.Win-15 units
08-29-13San Jose St. -20 vs. CS SacrementoWin+15 units
08-29-13Jacksonville St. +25 vs. TulaneLost-10 units
08-25-13Minnesota vs. San Francisco Over 39Win+15 units
08-25-13New Orleans +2.5 vs. Houston Lost+15 units
08-24-13NY Jets +2 vs. NY Giants Lost+15 units
08-18-13 Indianapolis +2.5 vs. NY Giants Win+15 units
08-17-13Denver vs. Seattle Under 42Lost-15 units
08-17-13Houston -3.5 vs. Miami Dolphins Win+15 units
08-16-13Minnesota +3.5 vs. BuffaloWin-5 units
08-15-13Philadelphia -3 vs. CarolinaWin+10 units
08-11-13Buffalo vs. Indianapolis Under 37Win-10 units
08-11-13Buffalo +5 vs. IndianapolisWin+15 units
08-08-13Denver vs. San Fran Under 35Win+15 units
08-08-13Cleveland -3.5 vs. St. Louis Lost+5 units
08-08-13Baltimore +3 vs. Tampa BayWin+10 units
08-04-13Miami vs. Dallas Over 33Win+10 units