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2015-2016 Full Access MLB Documented Records

2015 MLB Records as of July 30th, 2015: 123-99-3

07/30/15Philly +117 vs. AtlantaWon+25units
07/30/15Milwaukee +125 vs. Chi CubsLoss-25units
07/30/15Kansas +115 vs. TorontoLoss-25units
07/29/15LA Dodgers -148 vs. OaklandWon+25units
07/29/15Over 7 LA Dodgers vs. OaklandWon+25units
07/28/15NY Mets -133 vs. San DiegoWon-25units
07/28/15Miami -128 vs. WashingtonWon+25units
07/28/15Chi Cubs -150 vs. ColoradoLoss-25units
07/27/15Tampa Bay -118 vs. DetroitWon+25units
07/27/15Seattle -120 vs. ArizonaLoss-25units
07/26/15San Fran -138 vs. OaklandWon+25units
07/26/15Seattle +110 vs. TorontoWon+25units
07/25/15Philly +180 vs. Chi CubsWon+25units
07/25/15Over 6 Philly vs. Chi CubsLoss-25units
07/24/15Houston -115 vs. Kansas CityWon+25units
07/24/15Minnesota +145 vs. NY YankeesWon+25units
07/23/15Toronto -125 vs. OaklandWon+25units
07/23/15Over 6.5 San Diego vs. MiamiLoss-25units
07/23/15Seattle +145 vs. DetroitWon+25units
07/22/15St. Louis -150 vs. Chi SoxWon+25units
07/21/15NY Mets -110 vs. WashingtonWon+25units
07/21/15Oakland +105 vs. TorontoLoss-25units
07/20/15Under 7 Washington vs. NY MetsLoss-25units
07/19/15San Fran -112 vs. ArizonaWon+25units
07/19/15Under 7.5 San Fran vs. Arizona Won+25units
07/18/15Seattle +150 vs. NY YankeesWon+25units
07/18/15Kansas City +106 vs. Chi White SoxWon+25units
07/12/15Under 9 NY Yankees vs. BostonLoss-25units
07/11/15Atlanta +135 vs. ColoradoLoss-25units
07/11/15Philly +1.5 -130 vs. San FranLoss-25units
07/11/15LA Dodgers -140 vs. MilwaukeeLoss-25units
07/10/15Texas -125 vs. San DiegoWon+25units
07/10/15Baltimore -136 vs. WashingtonWon+25units
07/10/15Under 8.5 Baltimore vs. WashingtonWon+25units
07/09/15St. Louis +100 vs. PittsburghWon+25units
07/08/15Seattle -115 vs. Detroit Loss-25units
07/08/15Toronto -151 vs. Chi White SoxLoss-25units
07/08/15Kansas City +135 vs. Tampa BayWon+25units
07/07/15Under 6 Cinci vs. Washington Won+25units
07/07/15St. Louis -105 vs. Chi CubsLoss-25units
07/06/15Houston +108 vs. ClevelandWon+25units
07/06/15Atlanta +137 vs. MilwaukeeWon+25units
07/05/15Over 8.5 Houston vs. BostonWon+25units
07/05/15LA Angels -1.5 +130 vs. Texas Won+25units
07/04/15Cinci -110 vs. MilwaukeeLoss-25units
07/04/15St. Louis -200 vs. San DiegoWon+25units
07/03/15Under 7.5 San Fran vs. Washington Won+25units
07/03/15Washington -135 vs. San FranWon+25units
07/02/15Chi Cubs +103 vs. NY MetsWon+25units
07/02/15Colorado +145 vs. ArizonaLoss-25units
07/01/15Under 8.5 LA Dodgers vs. ArizonaWon+25units
07/01/15LA Dodgers -125 vs. ArizonaWon+25units
06/30/15Under 7.5 Pittsburgh vs. Detroit Loss-25units
06/30/15Miami -122 vs. San FranWon+25units
06/29/15Cinci -160 vs. MinnesotaWon+25units
06/29/15Over 8 NY Yankees vs. LA AngelsLoss-25units
06/28/15Arizona +100 vs. San DiegoWon+25units
06/28/15Washington -170 vs. PhillyWon+25units
06/27/15Colorado +117 vs. San FranLoss-25units
06/27/15Atlanta +145 vs. PittsburghLoss-25units
06/26/15LA Dodgers -124 vs. Miami Won+25units
06/26/15Detroit -155 vs. Chi White SoxWon+25units
06/25/15Houston -153 vs. NY Yankees Won+25units
06/25/15Washington -135 vs. Atlanta Won+25units
06/24/15Texas -118 vs. OaklandLoss-25units
06/24/15Kansas City +101 vs. SeattleWon+25units
06/23/15St. Louis vs. Miami Over 7Push+0units
06/23/15Atlanta vs. Washington Under 7.5Won+25units
06/22/15Detroit +128 vs. ClevelandWon+25units
06/22/15Toronto -121 vs. Tampa BayWon+25units
06/21/15Houston vs. Seattle Under 7.5 Loss-25units
06/21/15NY Mets vs. Atlanta Under 7 5Loss-25units
06/20/15Houston -120 vs. Seattle Loss-25units
06/20/15Cinci -124 vs. MiamiLoss-25units
06/19/15San Diego -110 vs. ArizonaLoss-25units
06/19/15LA Angels vs. Oakland Under 7Loss-25units
06/18/15Atlanta +105 vs. BostonLoss-25units
06/18/15San Fran vs. Seattle Under 7.5Won+25units
06/17/15Boston vs. Atlanta Over 8 +105 Loss-25units
06/17/15St. Louis -121 vs. MinnesotaLoss-25units
06/16/15Toronto +129 vs. NY MetsLoss-25units
06/16/15Cinci vs. Detroit Under 9Won+25units
06/15/15San Diego -114 vs. OaklandLoss-25units
06/15/15Boston -1.5 +120 vs. AtlantaLoss-25units
06/14/15San Fran -1.5 +150 vs. Arizona Loss-25units
06/13/15St. Louis -137 vs. Kansas CityWon+25units
06/13/15LA Angels -132 vs. OaklandWon+25units
06/12/15NY Mets -105 vs. AtlantaWon+25units
06/12/15Washington -112 vs. MilwaukeeLoss-25units
06/11/15Chi Cubs -143 vs. Cinci Won+25units
06/11/15San Fran +105 vs. NY MetsLoss-25units
06/10/15LA Angels +100 vs. Tampa BayLoss-25units
06/10/15San Fran +136 vs. NY MetsWon+25units
06/09/15Cinci -127 vs. PhillyWon+25units
06/09/15LA Dodgers -150 vs. ArizonaWon+25units
06/08/15San Diego +121 vs. AtlantaWon+25units
06/08/15Toronto -1.5 +110 vs. MiamiWon+25units
06/07/15Boston -1.5 +115 vs. OaklandWon+25units
06/07/15Chi White Sox -133 vs. Detroit Loss-25units
06/06/15San Fran -1.5 -115 vs. PhillyWon+25units
06/06/15Kansas City -150 vs. TexasLoss-25units
06/05/15Arizona -122 vs. NY MetsWon+25units
06/05/15San Fran -132 vs. PhillyWon+25units
06/04/15Texas -124 vs. Chi White SoxWon+25units
06/04/15Kansas City -110 vs. ClevelandLoss-25units
06/03/15Chi White Sox vs. Texas Over 8 Won+25units
06/03/15San Fran +115 vs. PittLoss-25units
06/02/15St. Louis -1.5 +105 vs. MilwaukeeLoss-25units
06/02/15Cleveland vs. Kansas City Under 8Won+25units
06/02/15Chicago vs. Miami Under 8Won+25units
06/01/15Houston -115 vs. BaltimoreWon+25units
06/01/15San Fran +116 vs. PittsburghLoss-25units
06/01/15Tampa vs. LA Angels Under 7Loss-25units
05/31/15San Diego -125 vs. PittsburghWon+25units
05/31/15Detroit -110 vs. LA AngelsLoss-25units
05/30/15NY Yankees +110 vs. OaklandWon+25units
05/30/15St. Louis -145 vs. LA Dodgers Loss-25units
05/29/15St. Louis -115 vs. LA Dodgers Won+25units
05/29/15Cleveland vs. Seattle Over 7.5Loss-25units
05/28/15Baltimore -1.5 +120 vs. Chi White SoxWon+25units
05/28/15NY Yankees -110 vs. OaklandLoss-25units
05/28/15Seattle +107 vs. Cleveland Loss-25units
05/27/15St. Louis -1.5 +120 vs. ArizonaLoss-25units
05/27/15Baltimore -114 vs. HoustonWon+25units
05/26/15Philly vs. NY Mets Under 7.5Loss-25units
05/26/15Boston -140 vs. Minnesota Loss-25units
05/25/15Atlanta +1.5 -130 vs. LA DodgersLoss-25units
05/25/15Baltimore +102 vs. HoustonWon+25units
05/25/15St. Louis -156 vs. ArizonaWon+25units
05/24/15Under 7 San Diego vs. LA DodgersLoss-25units
05/24/15Kansas City -114 vs. St. LouisLoss-25units
05/23/15Kansas City -113 vs. St. Louis Won+25units
05/23/15San Fran -107 vs. Colorado Game 1
05/22/15Over 8 LA Angels vs. Boston Red SoxWon+25units
05/22/15Over 7.5 Texas vs. NY Yankees Won+25units
05/21/15San Fran +110 vs. LA DodgersWon+25units
05/21/15LA Angels -110 vs. TorontoLoss-25units
05/20/15Washington -135 vs. NY Yankees
05/20/15Baltimore -130 vs. Seattle
05/19/15Detroit -1.5 +110 vs. Milwaukee
05/19/15Boston -122 vs. Texas Won+25units
05/18/15Houston -118 vs. OaklandLoss-25units
05/18/15Arizona +117 vs. MiamiWon+25units
05/17/15Detroit vs. St. Louis Over 7.5Loss-25units
05/17/15NY Mets -130 vs. MilwaukeeWon+25units
05/16/15Oakland -1.5 +130 vs. Chi White SoxLoss-25units
05/16/15Kansas City -115 vs. NY YankeesLoss+25units
05/15/15Seattle -111 vs. BostonWon+25units
05/15/15Boston vs. Seattle Over 7.5Loss-25units
05/14/15NY Yankees vs. Tampa Bay Over 7.5
05/14/15Toronto vs. Houston Over 8.5Won+25units
05/13/15NY Yankees vs. Tampa Bay Over 7.5
05/13/15Kansas City vs. Texas Over 8.5Loss-25units
05/12/15Chicago -114 vs. MilwaukeeWon+25units
05/12/15LA Dodgers -153 vs. MiamiWon+25units
05/11/15Atlanta vs. Cinci Under 7.5 Won+25units
05/11/15Baltimore -125 vs. TorontoWon+25units
05/10/15NY Mets vs. Philly Under 8Loss-25units
05/10/15San Fran -115 vs. Miami Won+25units
05/09/15Seattle -125 vs. Oakland 9Won+25units
05/09/15San Diego vs. Arizona Over 8 Won+25units
05/08/15San Fran -116 vs. Miami Won+25units
05/08/15Chi Cubs -110 vs. Milwaukee
05/07/15Baltimore vs. NY Yankees Over 8 Loss-25units
05/07/15Cleveland +106 vs. Kansas City Loss-25units
05/06/15Atlanta -130 vs. PhillyWon+25units
05/06/15NY Yankees vs. Toronto Over 8.5 Loss-25units
05/05/15St. Louis -130 vs. Chi CubsWon+25units
05/04/15Oakland +103 vs. MinnesotaLoss-25units
05/03/15Over 7.5 LA Angels vs. San FranLoss-25units
05/03/15Boston -135 vs. NY YankeesLoss-25units
05/02/15Detroit -126 vs. Kansas CityWon+25units
05/02/15Detroit -126 vs. Kansas CityWon+25units
05/02/15Miami -114 vs. PhillyWon+25units
05/01/15Miami -145 vs. PhillyWon+25units
05/01/15Cinci -120 vs. AtlantaLoss-25units
04/30/15Over 8 Detroit vs. Kansas CityWon+25units
04/30/15Over 8 Toronto vs. Cleveland Loss-25units
04/29/15Over 7 Kansas City vs. Cleveland Won+25units
04/29/15Chicago +106 vs. PittsburghLoss-25units
04/28/15Miami -117 vs. NY MetsWon+25units
04/28/15Oakland -145 vs. LA AngelsWon+25units
04/27/15Chicago -117 vs. PittsburghWon+25units
04/27/15LA Dodgers -145 vs. San FranWon+25units
04/26/15NY Yankees -130 vs. NY MetsWon+25units
04/26/15LA Dodgers +107 vs. San Diego Loss-25units
04/25/15Atlanta -117 vs. Philly Won+25units
04/25/15Colorado -125 vs. San FranLoss-25units
04/24/15Under 7 Atlanta vs. PhillyWon+25units
04/24/15Cinci +102 vs. Chi Cubs Loss-25units
04/23/15Over 8 Oakland vs. LA AngelsLoss-25units
04/23/15Oakland +104 vs. LA AngelsLoss-25units
04/22/15Detroit -1.5 +115 vs. NY YankeesLoss-25units
04/22/15Over 9 Baltimore vs. TorontoLoss-25units
04/21/15Over 8.5 Toronto vs. BaltimoreWon+25units
04/21/15Milwaukee -130 vs. CinciLoss-25units
04/20/15Detroit -116 vs. NY YankeesWon+25units
04/20/15Cleveland -109 vs. Chi White SoxPush-25units
04/20/15Under 7 Chi Cubs vs. PittPush+0units
04/20/15Milwaukee -110 vs. CinciLoss-25units
04/19/15St. Louis -1.5 +115 vs. CinciLoss-25units
04/19/15Over 7 San Diego vs. Chi CubsPush+0units
04/18/15Detroit -116 vs. Chi White SoxLoss-25units
04/18/15LA Angels +106 vs. HoustonLoss-25units
04/17/15LA Dodgers -1.5 -110 vs. ColoradoWon+25units
04/17/15LA Angels -118 vs. HoustonWon+25units
04/16/15San Fran -1.5 +140 vs. ArizonaLoss-25units
04/16/15Miami vs. NY Mets Over 7Won+25units
04/15/15Chicago -126 vs. CinciWon+25units
04/15/15LA Dodgers -130 vs. SeattleWon+25units
04/14/15Toronto -1.5 -135 vs. Tampa BayLoss-25units
04/14/15Cleveland -129 vs. ChicagoLoss-25units
04/13/15Texas +130 vs. LA AngelsLoss-25units
04/13/15Baltimore -109 vs. NY YankeesLoss-25units
04/12/15San Fran vs. San Diego Over 6.5Won+25units
04/12/15Colorado -103 vs. Chicago Loss-25units
04/11/15Tampa Bay -113 vs. Miami Won+25units
04/11/15Washington -115 vs. PhillyLoss-25units
04/10/15LA Angels -120 vs. Kansas CityLoss-25units
04/10/15Atlanta -108 vs. NY Mets Won+25units
04/09/15Boston vs. Philly Over 7.5 Won+25units
04/07/15Atlanta +132 vs. MiamiWon+-25units
04/07/15Arizona Over 4 Runs -120 vs. San FranWon+-25units
04/06/15Kansas City -115 vs. Chicago White SoxWon+-25units
04/06/15Cleveland -114 vs. Houston Loss-25units
04/05/15Under 6.5 +105 St. Louis vs. ChicagoWon+25units


2014 MLB Playoffs

Gain Access to Hank's Morello's MLB Playoff Package. Each play is rated on a 5 units - 20units scale. MLB Playoff Records as of Oct 27th, 2014: 13-5-0 $1000 Players are up over $7600
10/26/14Kansas City -+145 vs. San FranLoss-20units
10/24/14Kansas City -+116 vs. San FranWon+20units
10/22/14Kansas City -120 vs. San FranWon+20units
10/22/14San Fran vs. Kansas City Under 7Loss-20units



Overall Results as of 9/30/14: +450units. Playing $50 per unit players are up over $20,130
05/27/14San Diego vs. Arizona Under 9 Won+20units
05/27/14Kansas City -130 vs. Houston Loss-20units
05/26/14Oakland -129 vs. Detroit Won+20units
05/26/14Seattle +139 vs. LA Angels Won+15units
05/25/14Boston +110 vs. Tampa Bay Loss-20units
05/25/14NY Yankees vs. Chi White Over 7.5 Won+15units
05/24/14Pittsburgh -110 vs. Washington Won+20units
05/23/14Oakland -120 vs. Toronto Loss-20units
05/21/14NY Mets +114 vs. LA Dodgers Loss-15units
05/20/14Chi White Sox +165 vs. Kansas City Won+20units
05/20/14Colorado -104 vs. San Fran Won+20units
05/19/14Cleveland -111 vs. Detroit Won+20units
05/18/14Houston -125 vs. Chi White Sox Won+20units
05/18/14LA Dodgers -114 vs. Arizona Loss-20units
05/17/14Houston -116 vs. Chi White SoxWon+20units
05/16/14LA Angels -132 vs. Tampa BayLoss-20units
05/15/14Cinci +106 vs. San Diego Loss-20units
05/14/14Tampa Bay -118 vs. Seattle Won+20units
05/14/14NY Yankees -147 vs. NY Mets Won+20units
05/13/14LA Angels +155 vs. Philly Won+20units
05/12/14Seattle -1.5 +135 vs. Tampa Bay Won+20units
05/11/14Philly vs. NY Mets Over 6.5 Won+20units
05/10/14NY Mets -124 vs. PhillyLoss-20units
05/09/14Toronto -104 vs. LA AngelsLoss-20units
05/09/14San Diego +120 vs. Miami Won+20units
05/08/14Chi Cubs +108 vs. Chi White Sox Won+20units
05/07/14Chi White Sox -108 vs. Chi Cubs Won+20units
05/07/14Texas -124 vs. ColoradoLoss-20units
05/06/14Atlanta -115 vs. St. Louis Won+20units
05/05/14Atlanta -118 vs. St. Louis Loss-20units
05/05/14Miami -130 vs. NY Mets Won+20units
05/01/14Cinci -118 vs. Milwaukee Won+20units
05/01/14Toronto -115 vs. Kansas City Won+20units
04/29/14San Fran -150 vs. San DiegoWon+15units
04/28/14Tampa Bay vs. Chi White Sox Under 9Loss-15units
04/27/14LA Angels vs. Yankees Under 8Won+20units
04/26/14Atlanta -123 vs. CinciWon+20units
04/25/14Philly vs. Arizona Under 9Push20units
04/24/14Baltimore +121 vs. TorontoWon+20units
04/23/14Baltimore +126 vs. Toronto Won+20units
04/22/14NY Yankees +106 vs. Boston Won+20units
04/22/14Houston vs. Seattle Over 8Loss-20units
04/21/14Houston vs. Seattle Over 6.5 Won+15units
04/19/14Atlanta vs. NY Mets Over 7Won+20units
04/18/14Milwaukee+116 vs. PittsburghWon+20units
04/18/14Detroit -110 vs. LA AngelsLoss-20units
04/17/14Milwaukee vs. Pittsburgh Over 6.5Won+20units
04/17/14Milwaukee -105 vs. PittsburghLoss-20units
04/16/14LA Dodgers vs. San Fran Over 8  Loss-20units
04/16/14Baltimore -105 vs. Tampa BayWon+20units
04/15/14Kansas City vs. Houston Under 8.5 Won+20units
04/15/14Kansas City -1.5 +100 vs. Houston Won+20units
04/14/14Tampa Bay -117 vs. BaltimoreLoss-20units
04/14/14Tampa Bay vs. Baltimore Over 8.5Loss-20units
04/13/14Baltimore -106 vs. TorontoLoss-20units
04/12/14Miami +105 vs. PhillyLoss-20units
04/12/14Detroit -1.5  +120 vs. San Diego Won+20units
04/11/14Miami vs. Philadelphia Over 6.5 Won+20units
04/11/14Atlanta -118 vs. WashingtonWon+20units
04/10/14Cleveland vs. Chi White Sox Over 8 Won+20units
04/10/14Boston -111 vs. NY YankeesLoss-20units
04/09/14NY Mets vs. Atlanta Over 7Push20units
04/08/14Atlanta -130 vs. NY MetsLoss-20units
04/08/14Washington -1.5 vs. Miami +125 Won+20units
04/07/14LA Angels vs. Houston Over 8.5 Won+20units
04/07/14Seattle vs. Oakland Over 7.5 Won+20units
04/06/14Arizona +110 vs. ColoradoWon+20units
04/06/14Philly vs. Chicago Under 7.5 Loss-20units
04/05/14Colorado -117 vs. Arizona Won+20units
04/05/14Detroit -130 vs. BaltimoreWon+20units
04/04/14Arizona +118 vs. ColoradoLoss-20units
04/04/14Atlanta +155 vs. Washington Won+20units
04/03/14Baltimore -110 vs. Boston Loss-20units
04/03/14St. Louis -104 vs. Cincinnati Won+20units
04/02/14NY Mets +115 vs. Washington Loss-20units
04/02/14LA Dodgers +100 vs. San Diego Won+20units
04/01/14Arizona -116 vs. San Fran Won+20units
04/01/14Atlanta +105 vs. Milwaukee Won+20units



Overall Results as of 10/31 +810 Units. $50 Per Unit Players are up Over $48,140
10-30-13Boston -120 vs. St. LouisWon+20units
10-26-13St. Louis -107 vs. St. LouisWon+15units
10-24-13Boston -123 vs. St. LouisLoss-10units
10-23-13Boston -120 vs. St. LouisWinner+20units
10-15-13Boston +134 vs. Detroit Winner+20units
10-14-13Dodgers +110 vs. St. Louis Winner+20units
10-14-13Dodgers vs. St. Louis Over 6.5 Loss-20units
10-08-13Boston -121 vs. Tampa Bay Winner+20units
10-07-13LA Dodgers -136 vs. Atlanta Winner+15units
10-07-13Boston -113 vs. Tampa BayLoss-20units
10-04-13Boston -140 vs. Tampa BayWinner +20units
10-03-13Atlanta +136 vs. LA DodgersLoss-10units
10-01-13Cincinnati Reds +120 vs. PittsburghLoss-10units
09-30-13Texas -106 vs. Tampa Bay Over 7.5Loss-15units
09-30-13Tampa Bay vs. Texas Over 7.5Loss-10units
09-26-13Atlanta -125 vs. PhiladelphiaWinner +15units
09-25-13Tampa Bay -1.5 +140
vs. NY Yankees
Winner +20units
09-25-13Boston -125 vs. Colorado Winner+15units
09-24-13Cleveland -1.5 -110 vs. Chi White Sox Loss-15units
09-24-13Washington +125 vs. St. LouisLoss-15units
09-23-13Kansas City -140 vs. Seattle Winner+20units
09-23-13Washington vs. St. Louis Under 7.5 Winner+15units
09-23-13Chi White Sox -125 vs. Toronto Winner+15units
09-20-13Kansas City -150 vs. TexasWinner+20units
09-19-13San Diego vs. Pittsburgh Over 7Winner+10units
09-19-13Chi Cubs +135 vs. Milwaukee Winner+10units
09-18-13NY Mets +121 vs. San FranciscoWinner+20units
09-18-13Milwaukee -129 vs. Chi CubsWinner +5units
09-17-13Boston -138 vs. BaltimoreLoss-15units
09-16-13Atlanta -110 vs. Washington Loss-10units
09-15-13San Diego +125 vs. AtalntaWinner +20units
09-14-13Miami -105 vs. NY MetsWinner+5units
09-13-13Arizona -141 vs. ColoradoLoss+15 units
09-13-13NY Mets vs Miami Under 7.5 -110Winner+15 units
09-11-13Miami -110 vs. AtlantaWinner+5 units
09-10-13Philadelphia +105 vs. San DiegoLoss-10 units
09-09-13Baltimore -130 vs. NY YankeesWinner+15 units
09-08-13Miami -105 vs. Washington Loss-10 units
09-08-13Cinci -110 vs. LA Dodgers Winner+20 units
09-05-13Chi White Sox vs. Baltimore Over 8Loss -20 units
09-05-13Cincinnati -125 vs. St. LouisWinner+15 units
09-05-13Arizona -102 vs. San FranWinner+20 units
09-04-13LA Dodgers +122 vs. ColoradoLoss-15 units
09-04-13NY Yankees vs. Chi White SoxLoss-20 units
09-04-13Milwaukee +1.5 vs. Pittsburgh Winner+20 units
09-03-13LA Angels vs. Tampa Bay Under 7.5 Loss-5 units
09-03-13Milwaukee +110 vs. Pittsburgh Loss-10 units
09-02-13Cinci -120 vs. St. LouisWinner+10 units
09-01-13Chi Cubs -120 vs. Philly Winner+5 units
08-31-13Colorado -110 vs. Cinci Loss-15 units
08-29-13Kansas City -128 vs. MinnesotaWinner+10 units
08-28-13 Colorado -103 vs. San FranciscoWinner+10 units
08-27-13Baltimore +118 vs. BostonLoss-10 units
08-26-13Under 8.5 - Arizona vs. San Diego Winner +10 units
08-25-13Baltimore -110 vs. Oakland Winner +15 units
08-24-13Philadelphia +102 vs. Arizona Loss-10 units
08-23-13Philadelphia -115 vs. Arizona Winner+5 units
08-22-13Toronto vs. NY Yankees Under 9 Winner+15 units
08-21-13Milwaukee +100 vs. Washington Loss-5 units
08-19-13Pittsburgh -135 vs. San DiegoWinner+ 10 units
08-18-13Washington vs. Atlanta Under 7Winner+ 10 units
08-18-13Cincinnati vs. Milwaukee Over 8Winner+ 20 units
08-17-13San Francisco -135 vs. Miami Winner+ 5 units
08-16-13NY Mets +130 vs. San Diego Winner+ 10 units
08-15-13NY Mets vs. San Diego Over 6.5 Loss- 10 units
08-14-13Chi White Sox +150 vs. DetroitLoss- 5 units
08-13-13Toronto +115 vs. Boston Loss- 10 units
08-12-13Cleveland -122 vs. Minnesota Loss- 10 units
08-11-13Minnesota +130 vs. Chi White SoxWinner+ 10 units
08-10-13NY Mets vs. Arizona Under 8.5Winner+ 5 units
08-09-13Minnesota vs. Chi White Sox Under 9Loss- 10 units
08-08-13San Fran -1.5 +130 vs. Milwaukee Winner+ 10 units
08-07-13Seattle +103 vs. TorontoWinner+ 10 units
08-06-13San Diego +127 vs. Baltimore Loss - 15 units
08-06-13Tampa Bay -120 vs. Arizona Loss - 15 units
08-05-13Milwaukee vs. San Francisco Under 7Winner+10 units
08-04-13Chi White Sox vs. Detroit Under 8.5Winner+15 units
08-04-13LA Dodgers -115 vs. Chi Cubs Winner+10 units
08-03-13Atlanta -140 vs. PhiladelphiaWinner+10 units
08-02-13LA Angels -111 vs. Toronto Winner+15 units
08-01-13Miami +150 vs. NY Mets Winner+10 units
07-31-13Washington vs. Detroit Under 7Loss-15 units
07-30-13Chi Cubs -105 vs. MilwaukeeLoss-10 units
07-29-13Colorado +145 vs. LA Dodgers Winner+20 units
07-27-13Cincinnati vs. LA Dodgers Under 7Winner+10 units
07-27-13Milwaukee vs. Colorado Over 10Winner+10 units
07-26-13Miami vs. Pittsburgh Over 7.5Loss-15 units
07-25-13Chi White Sox +135 vs ChicagoWinner+20 units
07-25-13San Diego +130 vs Milwaukee Winner+20 units
07-24-13Detroit vs. Chi White Sox Over 8.5Loss-10 units
07-23-13Atlanta vs. NY Mets Under 7.5Winner+10 units
07-22-13Pittsburgh +120 vs. WashingtonWinner+10 units
07-21-13LA Dodgers -115 vs. Washington Winner+20 units
07-21-13Philadelphia vs. NY Mets Under 6.5Winner+10 units
07-20-13Cleveland -130 vs. MinnesotaLoss-15 units
07-19-13Toronto +120 vs. Tampa BayLoss-15 units
07-19-13Philadelphia vs. NY Mets Over 8Winner+15 units
07-14-13Cleveland vs. Kansas City Over 8Winner+15 units
07-13-13Atlanta +105 vs. CincinnatiWinner+20 units
07-12-13Seattle +115 vs. LA AngelsWinner+15 units
07-11-13LA Dodgers -150 vs. ColoradoWinner+20 units
07-10-13Oakland +130 vs. PittsburghLoss-10 units
07-09-13Cincinnati -134 vs. MilwaukeeLoss-15 units
07-08-13Texas -105 vs. Baltimore Winner+20 units
07-07-13Baltimore +115 vs. NY YankeesWinner+20 units
07-07-13Cleveland +121 vs. DetroitWinner+10 units
07-06-13Kansas City -110 vs. OaklandWinner+15 units
07-05-13LA Angels -139 vs. BostonLoss-10 units
07-04-13NY Mets +105 vs. ArizonaLoss-10 units
07-03-13Tampa Bay vs. Houston Over 8.5Loss-20 units
07-03-13Yankees vs. Minnesota Under 8Winner+20 units
07-03-13St. Louis vs. LA Angels Over 8.5Winner+15 units
07-02-13Detroit -135 vs. Toronto Winner+15 units
07-02-13Arizona -138 vs. NY Mets Winner+20 units
07-02-13Chi White Sox +110 vs. BaltimoreWinner+20 units
07-01-13Milwaukee +100 vs. WashingtonLoss-10 units
06-29-13Atlanta -146 vs. ArizonaWinner+15 units
06-29-13Chi White Sox +105 vs. Cleveland Loss-20 units
06-29-13Boston vs. Toronto Under 10.5Winner+20 units
06-28-13Baltimore -114 vs. NY Yankees Winner+10 units
06-28-13Arizona +155 vs. Atlanta Loss-15 units
06-27-13Texas -125 vs. NY YankeesWinner+10 units
06-27-13NY Mets +165 vs. ColoradoWinner+20 units
06-26-13San Diego +105 vs. Philadelphia Loss-15 units
06-26-13Minnesota -105 vs. Miami Loss-15 units
06-26-13Tampa Bay -117 vs. Toronto Loss-15 units
06-25-13Baltimore -125 vs. ClevelandWinner+20 units
06-25-13NY Yankees +110 vs. TexasWinner+10 units
06-25-13Washington -135 vs. ArizonaWinner+15 units
06-24-13LA Dodgers -106 vs. San FranciscoWinner+15 units
06-24-13San Diego +105 vs. Philadelphia Winner+10 units
06-23-13Tampa Bay +105 vs. NY YankeesWinner+15 units
06-23-13Cincinnati -135 vs. ArizonaWinner+20 units
06-23-13San Diego -150 vs. LA Dodgers Loss-20 units
06-22-13Oakland vs. Seattle Over 7.5Winner +10 units
06-22-13Minnesota +140 vs. ClevelandLoss -10 units
06-21-13Toronto -130 vs. BaltimoreWinner +10 units
06-21-13Cincinnati vs. ArizonaLoss-15 units
06-20-13LA Angels +105 vs. SeattleWinner +10 units
06-20-13Colorado vs. Washington Over 7Loss-15 units
06-18-13NY Mets +165 vs. Atlanta Winner +5 units
06-17-13Kansas City -135 vs. ClevelandWinner +5 units
06-17-13Detroit -1.5 +110 vs. BaltimoreWinner+20 units
06-16-13Chi White Sox -127 vs. Houston Loss-5 units
06-16-13Kansas City +135 vs. Tampa BayWinner+5 units
06-15-13Arizona -107 vs. San Diego Loss-5 units
06-13-13Toronto +210 vs. TexasWinner+5 units
06-13-13Philadelphia -140 vs. Minnesota Winner+5 units
06-12-13Washington +170 vs. ColoradoWinner+10 units
06-12-13Atlanta -130 vs. San DiegoLoss-5 units
06-11-13Arizona vs. LA Dodgers Under 7Loss-5 units
06-10-13Baltimore +115 vs. LA Angels Winner+5 units
06-09-13St. Louis -115 vs. Cincinnati Winner+5 units
06-09-13Detroit -118 vs. Cleveland Winner+5 units
06-08-13Milwaukee -130 vs. Philadelphia Winner+5 units
06-07-13Chi Cubs +110 vs. Pittsburgh Loss-5 units
06-05-13Boston -127 vs. Texas Loss-5 units
06-05-13Kansas City -133 vs. MinnesotaWinner+15 units
06-02-13NY Mets vs. Miami Over 6.5 Winner+5 units
06-01-13LA Dodgers +125 vs. ColoradoLoss-10 units
06-01-13Arizona +130 vs. Chi CubsWinner+5 units
05-30-13Detroit vs. Pittsburgh Under 8Winner+5 units
05-30-13Baltimore -134 vs. WashingtonWinner+5 units
05-29-13Detroit vs. Pittsburgh Over 7Winner+5 units
05-29-13St. Louis -1.5 +115 vs. Kansas City Winner+5 units
05-28-13San Diego -103 vs. SeattleWinner+15 units
05-28-13NY Yankees +110 vs. NY Mets Loss-5 units
05-26-13Baltimore -110 vs. Toronto Loss-5 units
05-25-13LA Dodgers +110 vs. St. Louis Winner+5 units
05-23-13LA Angels +110 vs. Kansas City Winner+5 units
05-22-13St. Louis -112 vs. San Diego Winner+5 units
05-22-13Texas -114 vs. Oakland Winner+5 units
05-21-13Cleveland +125 vs. DetroitLoss-5 units
05-20-13Boston vs. Chi White Sox Under 9 Winner+5 units
05-20-13Minnesota vs. Atlanta Over 8.5Loss-5 units
05-19-13Texas -130 vs. DetroitWinner+10 units
05-18-13Cincinnati -108 vs. Philadelphia Winner+5 units
05-17-13Washington -135 vs. San DiegoWinner+5 units
05-16-13Chi White Sox +132 vs. LA Angels Winner+5 units
05-15-13Houston vs. Detroit Over 9Winner+5 units
05-15-13LA Dodgers -142 vs. Washington Winner+5 units
05-13-13Texas +110 vs. Oakland Loss-5 units
05-12-13Detroit -140 vs. Cleveland Loss-5 units
05-11-13San Francisco -140 vs. Atlanta Winner+5 units
05-11-13Arizona -110 vs. PhiladelphiaLoss-10 units
05-09-13Cleveland +108 vs. OaklandWinner+20 units
05-07-13Chi White Sox +150 vs. NY Mets Loss-5 units
05-06-13Toronto +128 vs. Tampa BayWinner+5 units
05-06-13Chi White Sox vs. Kansas City Under 7Winner+5 units
05-06-13Minnesota vs. Boston Under 8.5 Loss-5 units
05-05-13Washington -105 vs. PittsburghWinner+10 units
05-04-13Tampa Bay -130 vs. Colorado Loss-5 units
05-04-13NY Yankees -121 vs. OaklandWinner+5 units
05-03-13Toronto +120 vs. SeattleLoss-5 units
05-01-13Minnesota +200 vs. DetroitWinner+5 units
04-30-13Chi Cubs -127 vs. San Diego Loss-5 units
04-30-13Milwaukee -144 vs. Pittsburgh Winner+5 units
04-28-13Pittsburgh +180 vs. St. Louis Winner+5 units
04-27-13Arizona -150 vs. ColoradoWinner+5 units
04-27-13Tampa Bay -118 vs. Chi White Sox Winner+5 units
04-27-13Texas vs. Minnesota Under 8.5Loss-5 units
04-26-13Miami -108 vs. Chi CubsLoss-5 units
04-25-13Texas -110 vs. MinnesotaWinner+15 units
04-24-13Oakland +140 vs. BostonLoss-5 units
04-24-13Houston +105 vs. Seattle Winner+5 units
04-23-13LA Angels -105 vs. TexasWinner+5 units
04-22-13Washington +115 vs. St. Louis Loss-5 units
04-22-13NY Yankees vs. Tampa Bay Under 7Winner+15 units
04-21-13Atlanta vs. Pittsburgh Under 7Winner+5 units
04-19-13St. Louis vs. Philadelphia Over 7.5Winner+5 units
04-19-13Milwaukee -115 vs. Chi Cubs Winner+5 units
04-19-13Atlanta -120 vs. PittsburghLoss-5 units
04-18-13St. Louis -120 vs. Philadelphia Winner+5 units
04-17-13Cincinnati -130 vs. Philadelphia Winner+5 units
04-15-13LA Angels vs. Minnesota Under 8.5 Loss-5 units
04-14-13Arizona -123 vs. LA Dodgers Winner+5 units
04-12-13Toronto -105 vs. Kansas CityWinner+20 units
04-11-13San Francisco vs. Chi Cubs Over 8Winner+5 units
04-10-13Cincinnati -120 vs. St. LouisLoss-5 units
04-09-13Colorado vs. San Francisco Over 7Winner+5 units
04-09-13Kansas City -147 vs. MinnesotaWinner+5 units
04-07-13Seattle +150 vs. Chi White SoxLoss-15 units
04-06-13Minnesota +130 vs. Baltimore Winner+5 units
04-05-13San Francisco -120 vs. St. Louis Winner+5 units
04-03-13Miami vs. Washington Under 7Winner+5 units
04-02-13Texas vs. Houston Over 8Loss-5 units
04-01-13LA Angels +101 vs. CincinnatiWinner+15 units