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VIP Lock Club Records

VIP Lock Club Records as of August 12, 2015: 386-221-14 Players are up over $341,080. Gain Access to Hank's Most Exclusive Club. Minimum $2500 per play.

April 29th, 2014Toronto vs. Kansas City Over 8.5Winner+25units
August 11th, 2015Baltimore +111 vs. SeattleLoss-100units
August 10th, 2015Baltimore Orioles -120 vs. SeattleWinner+100units
August 9th, 2015Atlanta -133 vs. MiamiLoss-100units
August 8th, 2015Arizona -140 vs. Cinci Loss-100units
August 7th, 2015Chi Cubs -172 vs. San FranWinner+100units
August 6th, 2015Atlanta -110 vs. MIamiWiner+100units
August 5th, 2015LA Dogers -1.5 -105 vs. PhillyLoss-100units
August 4th, 2015Kansas City -108 vs. DetroitWinner+100units
August 3rd, 2015San Diego -108 vs. MilwaukeeWinner+100units
August 2nd, 2015Oakland -150 vs. Cleveland Winner+75units
August 1st, 2015Seattle +119 vs. MinnesotaLoss-100units
July 31st, 2015Under 7 Washington vs. NY Mets Winner+100units
July 30th, 2015Under 9 NY Yankees vs. TexasLoss-75units
July 29th, 2015San Fran -102 vs. MilwaukeeWinner+100units
July 28th, 2015Kansas City +110 vs. ClevelandWinner+100units
July 27th, 2015Cleveland -105 vs. Kansas CityLoss-100units
July 26th, 2015Over 7 Philly vs. Chi Cubs Winner+75units
July 25th, 2015Baltimore +104 vs. Tampa BayWinner+100units
July 24th, 2015Arizona -125 vs. MilwaukeeLoss-100units
July 23rd, 2015Under 8.5 Toronto vs. OaklandWinner+75units
July 22nd, 2015Chi Cubs -110 vs. CinciLoss-100units
July 21st, 2015Chi Cubs -125 vs. CinciWinner+100units
July 20th, 2015Washington -125 vs. NY MetsWinner+100units
July 19th, 2015Seattle -114 vs. NY YankeesLoss-100units
July 18th, 2015Milwaukee +115 vs. PittsburghWinner+75units
July 17th, 2015Miami -180 vs. PhillyLoss-100units
July 12th, 2015NY Mets +103 vs. ArizonaWinner+75units
July 11th, 2015Houston -112 vs. Tampa Bay Loss-100units
July 10th, 2015Oakland +146 vs Cleveland Loss-100units
July 9th, 2015Over 7 LA Angels vs. Seattle Winner+100units
July 8th, 2015Pittsburgh -132 vs San Diego Winner+100units
July 7th, 2015Pittsburgh -127 vs San Diego Winner+100units
July 6th, 2015Washington -125 vs Cinci Loss-100units
July 5th, 2015Cinci -121 vs. MilwaukeeLoss-100units
July 4th, 2015NY Yankees -160 vs. Tampa bayWinner+100units
July 3rd, 2015Chi White Sox +138 vs. BaltimoreWinner+100units
July 2nd, 2015Miami -115 vs. San FranWinner+100units
July 1st, 2015San Fran -111 vs. MiamiLoss-100units
June 30th, 2015Toronto -146 vs. BostonLoss-100units
June 29th, 2015Over 8.5 Texas vs. Baltimore Winner+75units
June 28th, 2015NY Mets -140 vs. CinciWinner+75units
June 27th, 2015San Diego -132 vs. ArizonaWinner+100units
June 26th, 2015Minnesota +108 vs. MilwaukeeLoss-100units
June 25th, 2015St. Louis vs. Miami Over 7Loss-100units
June 24th, 2015Seattle -110 vs KCLoss-100units
June 23nd, 2015Cinci vs. Pittsburgh Under 8Loss-100units
June 21st, 2015Chi Cubs vs. Minnesota Under 8Push+0units
June 20th, 2015Atlanta +100 vs. NY MetsWinner+100units
June 19th, 2015Chicago Cubs +100 vs. MinnesotaLoss-100units
June 18th, 2015NY Yankees -137 vs. Miami Winner+100units
June 17th, 2015Kansas City vs. Milwaukee Over 7.5Winner +100units
June 15th, 2015Kasnas City -111 vs. MilwaukeeWinner+100units
June 14th, 2015Seattle vs. Houston Under 8Loss-100units
June 13th, 2015Miami -133 vs. ColoradoWinner+100units
June 12th, 2015Kansas City +110 vs. St. LouisLoss+100units
June 11th, 2015Miami -130 vs. Colorado Winner+100units
June 10th, 2015Chi Cubs -108 vs. DetroitWinner+100units
June 9th, 2015Tampa Bay -105 vs. LA AngelsLoss-100units
June 8th, 2015St. Louis -150 vs. Colorado Loss-100units
June 7th, 2015Cleveland +8 vs. Golden StateWinner+100units
June 6th, 2015LA Angels vs. NY Yankees Over 8Winner+100units
June 5th, 2015Washington -128 vs. Chi CubsWinner+100units
June 4th, 2015Philly -105 vs. CinciLoss-100units
June 3rd, 2015Chicago vs. Tampa Bay Under 5Winner+100units
June 2nd, 2015Detroit -140 vs. Oakland Loss-100units
June 1st, 2015Atlanta -111 vs. Arizona Winner+100units
May 31st, 2015Kansas City -108 vs. Chi Cubs Loss-100units
May 29th, 2015Chi White Sox vs. Houston Over 8.5Winner+100units
May 28th, 2015Atlanta vs. San Fran Over 6.5Winner+100units
May 27th, 2015Chicago -140 vs. AnaheimWinner+100units
May 26th, 2015Detroit -120 vs. OaklandWinner+100units
May 25th, 2015Houston +3.5 vs. Golden StateWinner+100units
May 24th, 2015NY Yankees -0.5 -110 1st 5 vs. TexasLoss-100units
May 23rd, 2015Baltimore +100 vs. MiamiLoss-100units
May 22nd, 2015Baltimore -120 vs. Miami Winner+100units
May 21st, 2015Chi Cubs -107 Winner+100units
May 20th, 2015Over 197 Cleveland vs. Atlanta Loss-100units
May 19th, 2015Toronto -114 vs. LA AngelsLoss-75units
May 18th, 2015Detroit -1.5 +140 vs. MilwaukeeLoss-100units
May 17th, 2015Houston +3 vs. LA Clippers Winner+100units
May 16th, 2015Over 6.5 Washington vs. San DiegoLoss-100units
May 15th, 2015Detroit vs. St. Louis Over 8 Winner+100units
May 14th, 2015Houston +9 -120 vs. LA ClippersWinner+100units
May 13th, 2015Kansas City -125 vs. TexasLoss-100units
May 12th, 2015Houston +3 vs. LA ClippersWinner+100units
May 11th, 2015Chi White Sox -103 vs. MilwaukeeLoss-100units
May 10th, 2015Oakland vs. Seattle Under 7Push+0units
May 9th, 2015NY Mets -118 vs. PhillyWinner+100units
May 8th, 2015Oakland -10Loss-75units
May 7th, 2015San Fran -123 vs. MiamiLoss-100units
May 6th, 2015St. Louis -118 vs. Chi Cubs Loss-100units
May 5th, 2015Boston -118 vs. Tampa BayWinner+100units
May 4th, 2015St. Louis -141 vs. Chi CubsWinner+100units
May 3rd, 2015Oakland -130 vs. TexasWinner+100units
May 2nd, 2015LA Dodgers -1.5 +135 vs. ArizonaWinner+100units
May 1st, 2015Atlanta -4 vs. BrooklynWinner+100units
April 30th, 2015Washington -106 vs. NY MetsWinner+100units
April 29th, 2015Washington -116 vs. AtlantaWinner+100units
April 28th, 2015Arizona -111 vs. ColoradoWinner+100units
April 27th, 2015Arizona -130 vs. ColoradoLoss-100units
April 26th, 2015St. Louis +120 vs. MinnesotaLoss-100units
April 25th, 2015NY Islanders -125 vs. WashingtonWinner+100units
April 24th, 2015Under 215 Houston vs. Dallas Loss-100units
April 23rd, 2015Washington -135 vs. St. LouisLoss-100units
April 22nd, 2015Brooklyn +9.5 vs. AtlantaWinner+100units
April 21st, 2015Under 8 Minnesota vs. Kansas CityLoss-100units
April 20th, 20155Pt Teaser: New Orleans +17.5/Over 201.5 Loss-100units
April 19th, 2015LA Clippers +1 vs. San AntonioWinner+100units
April 19th, 2015Memphis -4.5 vs. Portland Winner+100units
April 18th, 2015Over 205 New Orleans vs. Golden St.Push+0units
April 17th, 2015NY Mets -115 vs. MiamiWinner+100units
April 16th, 2015NY Mets -115 vs. MiamiWinner+100units
April 15th, 2015Kansas City -120 vs. MinnesotaLoss-100units
April 14th, 2015Boston -123 vs. WashingtonWinner+100units
April 13th, 2015Atlanta -111 vs. MiamiWinner+100units
April 12th, 2015Houston -5 vs. New OrleansWinner+100units
April 11th, 2015Atlanta -115 vs. NY MetsWinner+100units
April 10th, 2015Tampa Bay vs. Miami Over 7.5Winner+100units
April 9th, 2015Toronto vs. NY Yankees Over 7Winner+100units
April 8th, 2015Baltimore +108 vs. Tampa BayLoss-100units
April 7th, 2015San Antonio -5-5 vs. OKCWinner+100units
April 6th, 2015Wisconsin +1 vs. Duke
April 5th, 2015Detroit -125 vs. Washington Loss-100units
April 4th, 2015Duke -5 -120 vs. Michigan St. 6:05pmWinner+100units
April 3rd, 2015Boston vs. MilwaukeeLoss-75units
April 2nd, 2015Dallas -2 vs. HosutonLoss-100units
April 1st, 2015OKC -2 vs. DallasLoss-100units
March 31st, 2015San Antonio vs. Miami Over 195Loss-100units
March 30th, 2015Houston +1 vs. TorontoLoss-100units
March 29th, 2015Duke -2 vs. GonzagaWinner+100units
March 28th, 2015Teaser: Kentucky -5.5/Over 132Loss-100units
March 27th, 2015Duke -5 vs. UtahWinner+100units
March 26th, 2015Milwaukee -2 vs. IndianaWinner+75units
March 25th, 2015Temple -3.5 vs. Louisiana TechWinner+100units
March 24th, 2015San Antonio -3 vs. DallasLoss-75units
March 23rd, 20155pt Teaser: Boston +10/Over 198.5Winner+75units
March 22nd, 2015Kansas -115 vs. Wichita St. Loss-100units
March 21st, 2015Xavier -3.5 1st Half vs. Georgia St. Winner+100units
March 20th, 2015Under 131 Providence vs. DaytonWinner+100units
March 19th, 2015LSU +2.5 vs. NC StateWinner+100units
March 18th, 2015UConn -3.5 vs. SMU Loss-100units
March 17th, 2015Under 134.5 Illinois vs. AlabamaLoss-100units
March 16th, 2015Utah -4.5 vs. CharlotteWinner+100units
March 15th, 2015Minnesota vs. San Antonio Over 205Winner+100units
March 14th, 2015Boston +9 vs. IndianaWinner+100units
March 13th, 2015Dallas -2.5 vs. LA ClippersWinner+100units
March 12th, 2015Delaware -2 vs. HowardWinner+100units
March 11th, 2015KSU -2 vs. TCULoss-100units
March 10th, 2015Dallas +5 vs. ClevelandLoss-100units
March 9th, 2015Iona -4 vs. ManhattanLoss-100units
March 8th, 2015OKC -6 vs. TorontoLoss-100units
March 7th, 2015Phoenix +11 vs. ClevelandWinner+100units
March 6th, 2015Cleveland vs. Atlanta Over 203 Push+0units
March 5th, 2015Portland -3 vs. DallasWinner+100units
March 4th, 2015Fresno St. -5 vs. Air ForceLoss-100units
March 3rd, 2015NIU -2 vs. Western MichiganPush+0units
March 2nd, 2015Boston College vs. Virginia Tech Under 132.5Winner+100units
March 1st, 2015Oregon +6.5 vs. StanfordWinner+100units
Feb 28th, 2015LSU -3.5 vs. MississippiWinner+100units
Feb 27th, 2015St. Peters -1 vs. MaristLoss-100units
Feb 26th, 2015Cleveland -3 vs. Golden St.Winner+100units
Feb 26th, 2015Under 216 Golden State vs. Cleveland Winner+100units
Feb 25th, 2015Over 125 UConn vs. E. CarolinaLoss-100units
Feb 24th, 2015Bowling Green -3 vs. OhioWinner+100units
Feb 23rd, 2015St. Johns -1 vs. XavierPush+0units
Feb 22nd, 2015Over 114 FSU vs. VirginiaLoss-100units
Feb 21st, 2015Boston College +8 vs. Notre DameLoss-100units
Feb 20th, 2015Cleveland -3 vs. Washington Winner+100units
Feb 19th, 2015San Antonio -4 vs. LA ClippersLoss-100units
Feb 18th, 2015Arizona -2.5 vs. UCLALoss-100units
Feb 17th, 2015Under 133 Alabama vs. Auburn Loss-100units
Feb 16th, 2015Seton Hall +16 vs. VillanovaLoss-100units
Feb 15th, 2015Northern Iowa -10 vs. Missouri St. Winner+100units
Feb 13th, 2015Detroit +4 vs. Cleveland St. Winner+70units
Feb 12th, 2015Over 119 Tulsa vs. UConnLoss-100units
Feb 11th, 2015Depaul +10 vs. St. JohnsWinner+100units
Feb 10th, 2015Notre Dame -4 vs. ClemsonLoss-100units
Feb 9th, 2015OKC -6 vs. DenverWinner+75units
Feb 8th, 2015Oregon St. -3.5 vs. Washington Winner+100units
Feb 7th, 2015Over 130 Syracuse vs. PittsburghWinner+100units
Feb 6th, 2015Over 185 Miami vs. San AntonioLoss-75units
Feb 5th, 2015Iowa -2 vs. MichiganWinner+75units
Feb 4th, 2015Under 131 Providence vs. Georgetown Loss-75units
Feb 3rd, 2015Detroit -2.5 vs. MiamiWinner+100units
Feb 2nd, 2015Charlotte vs. Washington Under 188.5Winner+100units
Jan 31st, 2015Over 205 LA Clippers vs. San Antonio Loss-100units
Jan 30th, 2015Buffalo -6 vs. Kent St. Winner+100units
Jan 29th, 2015Rutgers +9 vs. MichiganLoss-100units
Jan 26th, 2015Texas +5 vs. Iowa St.Winner+100units
Jan 25th, 2015Toronto -7 vs. DetroitLoss-100units
Jan 24th, 2015Over 133 Oklahoma vs. BaylorLoss-100units
Jan 23rd, 2015Under 202.5 Dallas vs. ChicagoWinner+100units
Jan 22nd, 2015Over 123 UCLA vs. Oregon St. Loss-100units
Jan 21st, 2015Bowling Green -5 vs. E. MichiganWinner+100units
Jan 19th, 2015Kansas -5.5 vs. OklahomaWinner+100units
Jan 18th, 2015Green Bay +7.5 vs. SeattleWinner+100units
Jan 17th, 2015TCU -2 vs. Texas TechWinner+100units
Jan 17th, 2015Vanderbilt -4 vs. Miss St.Loss-100units
Jan 16th, 2015Dallas -7.5 vs. DenverWinner+80units
Jan 15th, 2015Florida -4 1H vs. AuburnWinner+80units
Jan 13th, 2015Georgetown vs Depaul Under 139Loss-100units
Jan 12th, 2015Ohio St. +6.5 vs. OregonWinner+100units
Jan 11th, 2015Nebraska -2.5 vs. IllinoisWinner+100units
Jan 10th, 20156.5 Pt Teaser: Seattle -5/Over 33Winner+100units
Jan 9th, 2015San Antonio -4.5 vs. PhoenixWinner+75units
Jan 8th, 2015Over 123 George Mason vs. RichondWinner+100units
Jan 7th, 2015Syracuse -4 vs. GaTechLoss-100units
Jan 6th, 2015Villanova -5 vs. St. JohnsWinner+100units
Jan 5th, 2015Cleveland -4 vs. PhillyLoss-100units
Jan 4th, 2015Detroit +7 vs. DallasWinner+100units
Jan 4th, 2015Cinci +4 vs. IndyLoss-100units
Jan 3rd, 2015Baltimore +3.5 vs. PittsburghWinner+100units
Jan 2nd, 2015UCLA -1 -120 vs. Kansas St.Winner+100units
Jan 1st, 2015Alabama -8 vs. Ohio St. Loss-100units
Jan 1st, 2015Over 67 Boise St. vs. ArizonaWinner+100units
Dec 30th, 2014Georgia -6.5 vs. LouisvilleWinner+100units
Dec 29th, 2014Under 44 Texas vs. ArkansasWinner+100units
Dec 28th, 2014New England -4.5 vs. BuffaloLoss+100units
Dec 26th, 2014NC State +3 vs. UCFWinner+100units
Dec 23rd, 20146.5Pt Teaser: NAVY +10 and Over 46 vs. San Diego St. Loss-100units
Dec 22nd, 2014Denver -3.5 vs. CinciLoss-100units
Dec 21st, 20147-Point Teaser -120: Minnesota +11/Over 38 Winner+100units
Dec 20th, 2014San Diego +2 vs. San Fran Winner+100units
Dec 20th, 2014Philly -7 vs. Washington Loss-100units
Dec 19th, 2014Washington vs. Miami Over 191Winner+75units
Dec 18th, 2014Tennessee +3.5 vs. JacksonvilleLoss-100units
Dec 17th, 2014Houston -3.5 vs. DenverWinner+100units
Dec 17th, 2014Memphis +3 vs. San AntonioWinner+100units
Dec 16th, 2014Marquette -3 vs. Arizona St. Winner+100units
Dec 16th, 2014Oakland +14 1H vs. ArizonaLoss-100units
Dec 15th, 2014New Orleans -3 vs. ChicagoWinner+100units
Dec 14th, 2014San Fran +10 vs. SeattlePush+0units
Dec 13th, 2014Cinci vs. Nebraska Over 122Loss-100units
Dec 12th, 2014New Hampshire -6 vs. Chattanooga Loss-50units
Dec 11th, 2014Arizona vs. St. Louis Under 41Winner+100units
Dec 10th, 2014Davidson -1.5 vs. MontanaWinner+100units
Dec 8th, 2014Atlanta +14 vs. Green BayWinner+100units
Dec 7th, 2014New England vs. San Diego Over 53Loss-100units
Dec 6th, 2014Alabama -14 vs. MissouriWinner+100units
Dec 5th, 2014Cleveland +4 vs. TorontoWinner+70units
Dec 4th, 2014Dallas vs. Chicago Over 51Winner+100units
Dec 3rd, 2014Dallas -4 vs. MilwaukeeLoss-100units
Dec 2nd, 2014South Florida +12 vs. AlabamaWinner+100units
Dec 1st, 2014Miami -6.5 vs. NY JetsLoss-75units
Nov 29th, 2014Kansas St. -28 vs. KansasWinner+100units
Nov 28th, 2014Missouri +3 vs. ArkansasWinner+100units
Nov 27th, 2014San Fran PK vs. SeattleLoss-100units
Nov 25th, 2014Miami vs. Golden St. Over 199Winner+100units
Nov 23rd, 2014New England -7 vs. DetroitWinner+100units
Nov 23rd, 2014Dallas -3 vs. NY GiantsPush+0units
Nov 22nd, 2014Notre Dame -2.5 vs. LouisvilleLoss-100units
Nov 21st, 2014Air Force +5 vs. San Diego StLoss-100units
Nov 21st, 2014Air Force +5 vs. San Diego StLoss-100units
Nov 20th, 2014Duke -6 vs. N. CarolinaLoss-75units
Nov 18th, 2014Akron -6.5 vs. UMassWinner+100units
Nov 17th, 2014Parlay: Pittsburgh -6/Under 47Loss-100units
Nov 16th, 2014Indy -2 vs. New EnglandLoss-100units
Nov 15th, 2014Miss St. +9 vs. AlabamaWinner+75units
Nov 14th, 2014UCF -20 vs. TULSAWinner+100units
Nov 13th, 2014Over 40.5 Buffalo/MiamiLoss-100units
Nov 11th, 2014Toledo +5 vs. NIUWinner+70units
Nov 10th, 2014Philly -7 vs. CarolinaWinner+100units
Nov 9th, 2014Detroit -3 vs. MiamiWinner+100units
Nov 8th, 2014Michigan +1 vs. NorthwesternWinner+100units
Nov 8th, 2014Texas +4 vs. West VirginiaWinner+100units
Nov 6th, 2014Cleveland +6 vs. CinciWinner+75units
Nov 5th, 2014Northern Illinois -3 vs. Ball StateWinner+75units
Nov 2nd, 2014Philly -2 vs. HoustonWinner+100units
Nov 2nd, 2014San Fran -10 vs. St. LouisLoss-75units
Nov 1st, 2014Georgia +9 vs FloridaLoss-100units
Nov 1st, 2014Nebraska -8 vs PurdueWinner+100units
Oct 31st, 20142 Team Parlay: Cinci -6/Tulsa +24 Winner+100units
Oct 30th, 2014FSU -2.5Winner+100units
Oct 29th, 2014OKC -9 vs. OKCWinner+50units
Oct 27th, 2014Washington +9 vs. Dallas Winner+35units
Oct 26th, 2014Indy -4 vs. PittsburghLoss-100units
Oct 25th, 2014Michigan St. -16 vs. Michigan Winner+100units
Oct 23rd, 2014Denver -8 vs. San DiegoWinner+100units
Oct 22nd, 2014Under 2.5 Legia Warszawa/Metalist KharkivWinner+75units
Oct 22nd, 2014Under 2.5 Fc Basel/Fk LudogoretsWinner+75units
Oct 19th, 2014Indy -3 vs. CincinnatiWinner+100units
Oct 18th, 20146Point Teaser: FSU -3/Over 50.5Winner+100units
Oct 16th, 2014NY Jets +9 vs. New EnglandWinner+100units
Oct 12th, 2014Game of Month: Over 43 1/2 Carolina/CincinnatiWinner+100units
Oct 11th, 2014Alabama -9.5 vs. ArkansasLoss-100units
Oct 11th, 2014Auburn -3 vs. Miss St.Loss-100units
Oct 10th, 2014Under 65 Fresno St/UNLVWinner+50units
Oct 10th, 2014Fresno St - 9.5 vs UNLVLoss-50units
Oct 9th, 2014UCF -3 vs. BYUWinner+75units
Oct 6th, 2014Seattle -7 vs. Washington Winner+100units
Oct 5th, 2014Over 47 Tampa Bay/New OrleansWinner+100units
Oct 4th, 2014Navy -3 1/2 vs Air ForceLoss-100units
Oct 3rd, 2014Syracuse +3 vs. LouisvilleLoss-75units
Oct 2nd, 2014Teaser: Green Bay -2.5, Oregon/AZ Under 89.5Winner+100units
Sept 30th, 2014Oakland vs. Kansas City Over 6.5 Winner+100units
Sept 29th, 2014New England -2.5 vs. Kansas CityLoss-100units
Sept 28th, 2014Baltimore -3 vs. CarolinaWinner+25units
Sept 27th, 2014Temple -6.5 vs. UConnWinner+50units
Sept 27th, 2014South Florida +33 vs. WisconsinWinner+75units
Sept 25th, 2014Arizona +4 vs. UCLA Loss-50units
Sept 25th, 2014UCLA vs. Arizona Under 64Loss-50units
Sept 24th, 2014Philly +108 vs. MiamiWinner+75units
Sept 23rd, 2014Minnesota -125 vs. Arizona Winner+50units
Sept 22nd, 2014Chicago +2 vs. NY JetsWinner+100units
Sept 21st, 2014Washington +4 vs PhiladelphiaWinner+100units
Sept 20th, 2014Clemson +10 vs FloridaWinner+75units
Sept 19th, 2014Under 41 /12 Connecticut/South FloridaWinner+75units
Sept 18th, 2014Auburn -7 vs Kansas StLoss-75units
Sept 17th, 2014Cleveland -122 vs HoustonWinner+50units
Sept 16th, 2014Yankees +130 vs Tampa BayLoss-50units
Sept 15th, 2014Philadelphia +3 vs IndyWinner+50units
Sept 14th, 2014Buffalo -1 1/2 vs MiamiWinner+100units
Sept 13th, 2014Miami FL -14 vs ArkansasWinner+75units
Sept 12th, 2014Toledo +9 1/2 vs CincinnatiLoss-50units
Sept 11th, 2014Baltimore -2 1/2 vs PittsburghWinner+100units
Sept 8th, 2014Detroit -6 vs GiantsWinner+75units
Sept 7th, 2014Buffalo +6 vs Chicago
Sept 6th, 2014Iowa St + 12 vs Kansas STWinner+50units
Sept 6th, 2014Ball St +18 vs IowaWinner+30units
Sept 6th, 2014Central Michigan +3 vs PurdueWinner+30units
Sept 6th, 2014Temple +4 vs NavyLoss-30unts
Sept 5th, 2014Pittsburgh -5 vs BCWinner+30units
Sept 4th, 2014Over 47 Seattle/Green BayWinner+50units
Sept 4th, 2014Seattle -4.5 vs Green BayWinner+50units
August 28th, 2014Baltimore vs. New Orleans Over 43.5 Loss-50units
August 22nd, 2014Detroit -3.5 vs. JacksonvilleLoss-50units
August 18th, 2014Cleveland +2 vs. WashingtonWinner+25units
August 15th, 2014NY Giants vs. Indy Under 53Push+0units
August 14th, 2014Jacksonville vs. Chicago Over 42Loss-50units
August 9th, 2014Tennessee vs. Green Bay Under 37Winner+100units
August 8th, 2014Atlanta -3.5 vs. MiamiWinner+50units
August 7th, 2014Indy +4 vs. NY JetsWinner+50units
August 3rd, 2014Buffalo -3 vs. NY GiantsLoss-25units
July 28th, 2014Arizona +132 vs. CinciWinner+25units
July 24th, 2014Miami +120 vs. Atlanta Winner+25units
July 20th, 2014Milwaukee +115 vs. Washington Loss-50units
July 18th, 2014Arizona vs. Chi Cubs Under 9Push+0units
July 13th, 2014Argentina vs. Germany Over Loss-25units
July 12th, 2014Brazil vs. Netherlands Loss-75units
July 9th, 2014Argentina vs. Netherlands Winner+50units
July 8th, 2014Germany vs. BrazilWinner+100units
July 5th, 2014Argentina vs. Belgium Under Winner+100units
July 1st, 2014Argentina vs. Switzerland Under Winner+75units
June 26th, 2014USA vs. Germany UnderWinner+75units
June 24th, 2014Uruguay vs. Italy OverLoss-50units
June 15th, 2014Miami +6 vs. San AntonioLoss-50units
June 12th, 2014San Antonio +5.5 vs. Miami Winner+30units
June 10th, 2014San Antonio +4.5 vs. MiamiWinner+50units
June 8th, 2014Miami +4 vs. San AntonioWinner+50units
June 5th, 2014San Antonio -5 vs. MiamiWinner+50units
May 27th, 2014San Antonio vs. OKC Under 208Winner (Late Steam)+75units
May 26th, 2014Philly -105 vs. ColoradoWinner+25units
May 25th, 2014Arizona -110 vs. NY Mets Winner+25units
May 23rd, 2014Miami -115 vs. MilwaukeeLoss-25units
May 20th, 2014Miami -2.5 vs. Indiana Winner+25units
May 19th, 2014OKC +6 vs. San Antonio Loss-25units
May 18th, 2014Miami vs. Indiana Over 183Winner+25units
May 17th, 2014Chi Cubs +110 vs. Milwaukee Winner+25units
May 15th, 2014OKC vs. LA Clippers Under 213.5 Winner+25units
May 14th, 2014Pittsburgh +107 vs. MilwaukeeWinner+25units
May 13th, 2014Washington +5.5 vs. IndianaWinner (Late Steam)+75units
May 12th, 2014LA Angels -102 vs. Toronto Loss-25units
May 11th, 2014NY Mets -130 vs. PhillyWinner+25units
May 10th, 2014St. Louis -120 vs. Pittsburgh Loss-25units
May 9th, 2014LA Clippers -4 vs. OKCLoss-25units
May 8th, 2014Miami -7 vs. BrooklynWinner+25units
May 7th, 2014LA Clippers +5.5 vs. OKCLoss-25units
May 6th, 2014Portland vs. San Antonio Over 205Winner+25units
May 5th, 2014LA Clippers +6 vs. OKCWinner+25units
May 4th, 2014San Antonio -6 vs. DallasWinner+25units
May 3rd, 2014Colorado -132 vs. NY MetsWinner+25units
May 2nd, 2014Portland -4 vs. HoustonLoss-25units
May 1st , 2014OKC -2.5 vs. MemphisWinner (Late Steam)+75units
April 30th, 2014Houston -5 vs. PortlandWinner+25units